Svafa's Expanded Species Traits for Stellaris

Here you can download Svafa's Expanded Species Traits mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Svafa

Size (unpacked): 0.292 MB

Updated: 16 May, 2020 @ 1:13am

Tags: Species

This mod adds over 30 new species traits. It is focused on adding new and evocative options to fulfil those scifi fantasies that the base options didn't quite allow. A complete list can be found in the related discussion.

Latest Changes
It should be compatible with 2.7. I believe I fixed the issue people were seeing where traits wouldn't display for them.

This mod does not overwrite any base files, so should be compatible with all other mods. I've also done my best not to create any overlap with other traits mods, so that you shouldn't have duplicate traits if used together.

SilentK1tt3n's Traits & Ethics mod expands the number of trait points you start with, as well as a few other features, and is compatible with mine.

thief has created a patch for my mod and the Planetary Diversity mod. I've received a number of requests for compatability with the mod, so please check it out. I know I will be.

ExNihil has provided me with the compatibility files necessary to work in conjunction with their !Core Game Mechanics: Buildings mod. It's a overhaul mod that makes a number of changes to the base game, and they've really put a lot of effort into getting other modders involved to ensure compatibility and the best experience.

Thanks to:
NordikaMan for the awesome icon graphics he created for the mod. Without his icon art, the mod would just look bland and boring!
Kasu por su tradduciĆ³n al espaƱol.
Spillik for their Russian translation.
Granhyt and salvadore for the work they did on using events with traits, which helped me resolve issues with several of my own traits. And saved me numerous headaches I'm sure. Check out Granhyt's mod Additional Traits. I've tested the newest version of the mod alongside theirs to make sure the two are compatible.
All the commenters for the ideas, input, and help tracking bugs on traits. You guys are great! :D