SW: Fallen Republic - More Music for Stellaris

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Author: SolarRider

Size (unpacked): 458.316 MB

Updated: 19 Aug, 2020 @ 9:12am

Tags: Sound

The unofficial music sub-mod for Star Wars: Fallen Republic.

Adds 50+ tracks from across Star Wars media such as:
Episode I - VI
The Clone Wars (2008 series)
The Mandalorian
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Knights of the Old Republic
and many more...

A friendly reminder to streamer: This contain copyrighted music, I STRONGLY suggest not stream with music on unless you want a copyright strike,

Please note this mod was specifically made with the SW:FR mod in mind as it adds tracks that didn't make the cut in the final version. If you have any suggestion of tracks or scores that you want to be added, Comment under the mod page, or you can DM me at Steam, or on the Paradoxical D.G. Discord.

Main mod:
More Music sub-mod must be below the main mod

I like to thank the SWFR dev team for putting this impressive mod and letting me join the beta team.
I also want to thank Fennec for all his suggestions for putting together this playlist.
I also like to thank all the amazing Star Wars composers such as John Williams, Kevin Kiner, Mark Griskey, John Powell, and many others who help create the feel and magic of Star Wars.

Star Wars and all of related logos, icons, marks, and characters are solely owned by The Walt Disney Company. This total conversion mod is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, Electronic Arts, or any other publisher or producer of Star Wars related media. No independent rights will be asserted against The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, or Electronic Arts and no commercial exhibition or distribution will be permitted. This is a non-profit fan-made project.