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3.* 3.0.* 3.6.* 40k A Galaxy Divided Addon AI AI Personalities Aliens Animated Anime Anomalies Anomaly Athens Backgrounds Balance Battlestar Binary Buildings Bundeswehr C&C Celtic CIS Civics Clone Wars CoFH Combat Combine Compatibility Crisis Crush the Rebellion. Destroy their dream. Customization cybrxkhan Dark Elf Deutsch Development Diplomacy Don't comment before read!!! dragon Drow Economy Egyptian Elite Dangerous Elven Elves Emblem Emblems Empire Eve Events Federations Fixes Flag Flags Flavor Font Frog Froggy Galactic Empire Galactic Republic Galaxy Generaion Galaxy Generation Gameplay German Get your 6-6-6-6 Admiral today! Governments Graphics Greek Guardians half-life Halo Homeworld Human Fallen Empires I'm a tag Icons Improved Space Battles Industry on the fleet Interface ISB ISBS jasonpepe Kermit KOTOR Kurogane LCARS Leaders Leviathans Loading Screen Localization Logo lootbox Magic the Gathering Mandalorian Mandolorian Clans Mass Effect Megastructures Military Mod Menu Mod Pharaoh Modifiers ModJam 2022 MtG Music Namelists Names New economic system Nomadic NSC2 Old Republic Option Organic robots Origin Origins OST Overhaul Paradox why you did this to us Performance Pirates Planets QUENTOPOLIS Random random AI Read Read description first Real Space Rebel Alliance Red Rising Replicators Republic RLS roman Rome Rooms Scrin Ship Ship Set Ships Shipsets Sith Sith Empire Sol System Expanded Sound Space Battles Spaceships Species SPQR star Star Trek Star Wars Stargate Stars StarTrek Stellar Expansion Stellaris: Utopia Stolen from EU4 Story Suffer not the alien to live SWTOR Talarian Technologies The CIA created the Prethoryn The Death Star was an inside job. The Unbidden was an inside job Tiberium Tocharians Total Conversion Toxoid Traditions Traits Translation Trek UI Utilities Variety War Warhammer What an 'Crate' pun You have to rename your prison planets Australia ZoFE

Extended Traits

This mod adds over 20 additional species traits to select from, as well as 6 additional ruler and governor traits that your Empire rulers can spawn with. Featured in SirTristan's Stellaris Mod Spotlight #3.CompatibilityThis mod should be compatible with most mods and it does not modify any vanilla f

Size: 0.086 MB Author: r-M Updated: 13 Jun, 2019 @ 5:17pm
ZBeautiful Battles

This mod improves the battle aesthetics of the game by making changes thatalter the flow and spacing of space battles in Stellaris. - Updated for Stellaris version 2.2 Le Guin (0d1c)- Mod version 4.4 (PLEASE REFER TO CHANGELOG FOR DETAILS!!!!!!!)-COMMON\SHIP_BEHAVIORS\STANDARD_SHIP_BEHAVIORS.TXT * S

Size: 0.081 MB Author: Blackthorn Updated: 7 Dec, 2018 @ 5:33pm
Multiple Crises - Cepheus Edition (3.4.5)

Simple:You can encounter multiple crises in one game.One specific crisis can't happen multiple times.Multiple crises can't happen at the same time.The mod doesn't force all crises in one game it only makes it a thing that CAN happen.Detailed:By default only a single crisis can occur per game. If the

Size: 0.055 MB Author: Ryuichiro Updated: 15 May, 2022 @ 6:08pm
Enhanced AI

Supported Version: Patch 2.1.1Ironman Compatible: NoRecommended difficulty : Admiral and Aggressiveness High Paradox Forum thread Link Complete rewrite of the old mod due to modding changes implemented by Paradox, thankfully the mod works much better than previous one, be careful the AI's do actuall

Size: 0.010 MB Author: Anex Updated: 30 May, 2018 @ 1:55am
Improved Space Battles [Balance]

Improved Space Battles - expand your mid / late game with 5 new super-capital class ships, over 50 new technologies and 11 doomsday weapons - including planet destroying, star system destroying and anti-fleet super-weapons.Initial Compatibility Hotfix for 2.1. Sincere apologies for going MIA!Improve

Size: 132.186 MB Author: Ankain Updated: 8 Jun, 2018 @ 2:06am
[2.1] Stellar Expansion

NOTE: This is a legacy mod. It is for Stellaris version 2.1. (Niven)For those of you familiar with my Minecraft mods, hope you get the reference.This mod will contain my attempts to expand on the gameplay and content of Stellaris in whatever ways I deem interesting. I will attempt at all times to NO

Size: 0.550 MB Author: King Lemming Updated: 25 May, 2018 @ 12:20pm
Auto Survey At Start Standalone (outdated)

This simple mod adds the technology for automation science ships at the start of the player and the AI.Now this feature is part of Human Fallen Empires, you may unsubscribe, if using both mods.Ironman compatible, achievements uncompatible.Savegame compatibilityIf you want to add the mod to the ongoi

Size: 0.251 MB Author: had Updated: 24 Oct, 2019 @ 1:01pm
Automated Behavior Ajdustment

Corrects combat behaviors to something more realistic.Please test, review, and let me know how it works. I desperately need detailed feedback.I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun. Since I do not actually play, I have no idea what would best for you. Please give

Size: 0.003 MB Author: folk Updated: 7 Dec, 2017 @ 8:14am
Ticking Warscore

Recent ChangesCompatibility update for 1.9.DescriptionA small mod that adds ticking warscore to the following wargoals:* Cede Planet* Liberate Planet* Cleanse Planet* Dismantle Habitat* Make Tributary* Make Protectorate* Vassalize* Artificial Intelligence Ban* Stop Atrocities* Humiliate* Dismantle F

Size: 0.012 MB Author: Barbariccia Updated: 7 Dec, 2017 @ 2:31pm
Plentiful Traditions - Outdated after 2.x and up

MOD IN HIATUS - USE MY WORK AS YOU SEE FIT - I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST - BLESS YOUR FAMILIES AND CATS _ NO MORE TIME TO WORK ON THIS, MY CHILD IS YOURSUse "Expanded Stellaris Traditions" by Girion instead !Plentiful TraditionsGame version

Size: 7.808 MB Author: Artanis Updated: 3 Feb, 2018 @ 10:49am
Additional Traditions (Stellaris v2.1.*)

Additional Traditions v1.2.2For Stellaris: 2.1.*Old version: Additional Traditions (Stellaris v1.9)This mod adds 5 new tradition trees: - Navy - focuses on increasing fleet capacity and fleet output together with giving some minor fleet movement and build speed bonuses. With this tree the space flee

Size: 2.854 MB Author: Meltup Updated: 17 Sep, 2018 @ 4:56pm
Potent Rebellions (3.3 currently discontinued)

This mod significantly expands the Vanilla rebellion mechanics to make them a more significant threat to established empires. As it is, rebellions are fairly rare and pose virtually no threat whatsoever to your empire, as the revolutionaries start with huge disadvantages: They are one planet and hav

Size: 7.564 MB Author: Caligula Caesar Updated: 23 Feb, 2022 @ 10:21am
Plentiful Traditions 3.x

Welcome to Plentiful Perks!This is an addon for Plentiful Traditions.Dependency:Plentiful Traditions 3.xIf you use Planetary DiversityPatch for Plentiful Perks and Pl-DiFeatures:26 new Ascension Perks (some are for machines only etc. so don't expect to be able to get all in one game simulaneous ;)).

Size: 24.122 MB Author: Abominus [GER] Updated: 27 Jan @ 4:46pm
Classic Advanced Ascension

Support 3.2Added advanced ascension to all vanilla ascensionThe maintenance of this MOD has been taken over by 史黛拉芮丝の鼬子, no additional changes will be addedIf you need this MOD Remake VersionCompatibility:①Most Ascension MODs and tradition MODs are compatible②No changing the UI,

Size: 1.003 MB Author: scroll Updated: 12 Jan, 2022 @ 6:41am
Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization

Ever had the problem that early game was way to hard and either you die early, or the game becomes boring very soon afterwards? Or do you think the game is too hard/easy in general and the player would deserve some bonuses/penalties? Or do you want stronger Fallen Empires. Or you want to reduce reso

Size: 4.803 MB Author: Gratak Updated: 29 Nov, 2022 @ 10:38pm
More Civics

More Civics This mod is intended to improve your stellaris experience with adding bunch of new civics. Currently adds 30+ new civics with various possibilities.Currently only doing version update. Some modifiers have been disabled or removed via game updates.Current Version: 3.6.0Featuring<Appren

Size: 0.909 MB Author: Harling Honenhoff Homer Updated: 3 Dec, 2022 @ 5:27am
~ StarNet AI

Small announcementHeavily recommend trying another AI mod, Startech. It's more science-oriented and, I believe, will provide more fun experience for most players.DescriptionThis mod intends to create an action-packed experience with AI not only being able to manage their economy, research and milit

Size: 5.870 MB Author: salvor Updated: 11 Dec, 2022 @ 2:24pm
Expanded Gestalts: Forgotten Queens

Hive Expansion Pack- New Mainscreen- 4 New Rooms- 2 New Origins- 8 New Civics- 2 New Planet types- 6 New Ascension Perks- 4 New Personalities- 4 New Portraits- New Advisor- New Sound Effects- New jobs- New events- New districts- New desicions- New planetary features- New unique colossus weapon- And

Size: 227.190 MB Author: Complex Updated: 19 Dec, 2022 @ 1:42pm
Planetary Diversity - Exotic Worlds

Stellaris: 3.6.* PD Discord ServerThis is not a stand-alone mod, it will not work without Planetary Diversity. This sub-mod adds up to 0 more planets to a game and none of these planets spawn naturallyThis mod adds 7 exotic planet types to your game; they are meant to play different than the regu

Size: 103.249 MB Author: Gatekeeper Updated: 27 Dec, 2022 @ 1:46pm
Planetary Diversity - More Arcologies

Stellaris: 3.6.* Not Achievement FriendlyPD Discord ServerThis is not a stand-alone mod, it will not work without Planetary Diversity.This sub-mod adds 2 planets to the total number of planets in galaxy generation1. A special Relic Fortress Arc (that can only be turned into a Fortress Arcology)2.

Size: 0.801 MB Author: Gatekeeper Updated: 27 Dec, 2022 @ 5:53pm