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3.* 3.0.* 3.6.* 40k A Galaxy Divided Addon AI AI Personalities Aliens Animated Anime Anomalies Anomaly Athens Backgrounds Balance Battlestar Binary Buildings Bundeswehr C&C Celtic CIS Civics Clone Wars CoFH Combat Combine Compatibility Crisis Crush the Rebellion. Destroy their dream. Customization cybrxkhan Dark Elf Deutsch Development Diplomacy Don't comment before read!!! dragon Drow Economy Egyptian Elite Dangerous Elven Elves Emblem Emblems Empire Eve Events Federations Fixes Flag Flags Flavor Font Frog Froggy Galactic Empire Galactic Republic Galaxy Generaion Galaxy Generation Gameplay German Get your 6-6-6-6 Admiral today! Governments Graphics Greek Guardians half-life Halo Homeworld Human Fallen Empires I'm a tag Icons Improved Space Battles Industry on the fleet Interface ISB ISBS jasonpepe Kermit KOTOR Kurogane LCARS Leaders Leviathans Loading Screen Localization Logo lootbox Magic the Gathering Mandalorian Mandolorian Clans Mass Effect Megastructures Military Mod Menu Mod Pharaoh Modifiers ModJam 2022 MtG Music Namelists Names New economic system Nomadic NSC2 Old Republic Option Organic robots Origin Origins OST Overhaul Paradox why you did this to us Performance Pirates Planets QUENTOPOLIS Random random AI Read Read description first Real Space Rebel Alliance Red Rising Replicators Republic RLS roman Rome Rooms Scrin Ship Ship Set Ships Shipsets Sith Sith Empire Sol System Expanded Sound Space Battles Spaceships Species SPQR star Star Trek Star Wars Stargate Stars StarTrek Stellar Expansion Stellaris: Utopia Stolen from EU4 Story Suffer not the alien to live SWTOR Talarian Technologies The CIA created the Prethoryn The Death Star was an inside job. The Unbidden was an inside job Tiberium Tocharians Total Conversion Toxoid Traditions Traits Translation Trek UI Utilities Variety War Warhammer What an 'Crate' pun You have to rename your prison planets Australia ZoFE

Playable Robots

Version 1.52Adds the ability to play as lovable and violent robots to Stellaris.Select them from the "Android" category on the Empire creation screen.Mod Features:Adds 16 Playable Android RacesAndroid Variants, 84 Total Skins Android Name ListAndroid City TypeAndroid Ship Type3 New Synthetic Themed

Size: 33.591 MB Author: Delincious Updated: 27 Jun, 2016 @ 5:17pm
Expanded Colours [180 Colours]

3.6.* CompatibleAre you tired of Stellaris' tiny selection of flag colours?This mod adds a bunch of colours all across the spectrum, for all your customization needs. Vanilla colours are also included. The AI has also been given 17,102 different colour combinations to use for random empires.This mod

Size: 1.062 MB Author: Veegi Updated: 4 Dec, 2022 @ 8:13am
Flags : Emblems & Backgrounds [Outdated]

Hello and sorry for the inconveniance. I won't update this mod because i take time for others things.Above all, I would like to thank "Charanth" for taking the time to continue updating this mod. So I invite you to join the new page of the mod :

Size: 16.582 MB Author: swefpifh Updated: 4 Jun, 2019 @ 10:11pm
ZBeautiful Battles

This mod improves the battle aesthetics of the game by making changes thatalter the flow and spacing of space battles in Stellaris. - Updated for Stellaris version 2.2 Le Guin (0d1c)- Mod version 4.4 (PLEASE REFER TO CHANGELOG FOR DETAILS!!!!!!!)-COMMON\SHIP_BEHAVIORS\STANDARD_SHIP_BEHAVIORS.TXT * S

Size: 0.081 MB Author: Blackthorn Updated: 7 Dec, 2018 @ 5:33pm
Remove Aura Graphics

Compatible with 3.2 and older versionsRemoves all the aura graphics on ships and stations created by modules such as the shield dampener. Doesn't change how the modules work.[url=http://...

Size: 0.073 MB Author: Kondi Updated: 25 Nov, 2021 @ 8:11am
UI Overhaul 1080p Plus

Overhauls the UI to scale for 1080p resolution. Expands most windows to minimize the amount of scrolling needed while showing as much information as possible.Lead and Current Author : MapleOriginal Uploader: Tyrus Non-Steam Version Custom Ship Designer Expanded Outliner Ironman/Achievement Compatibl

Size: 2.265 MB Author: Orion Updated: 20 Sep, 2022 @ 9:45am
ST : New Horizons UI - FEDERATION

Only have 1 UI mod activated at a time! It is recommended to use this mod in combination with ST: New Horizons 3.6.1 compatible This mod changes the user interface to an LCARS style, including sounds. Achievement compatible if used without the ST:NH main mod - only graphic and sound files have

Size: 318.075 MB Author: Cutter Slade Updated: 11 Dec, 2022 @ 8:57am
Pirate Ship Types

Version 1.03Allows players to pick a Pirate Ship Type when creating a new species.Sail the galaxy as a horde of marauding murderers from the comfort of your own salvaged ship!Mod Features:Adds the "Pirate" ship type filled with new pirate themed ships and stationsAdds a new "Pirate" city typeSpecial

Size: 35.179 MB Author: Delincious Updated: 27 Jun, 2016 @ 5:16pm
Reduce Aura Graphics

Compatible with 3.2 and older versionsThis mod will remove all the unnecessary graphical effects created by aura modules such as the shield dampener and shows only a faint glow on affected ships. Doesn't change how the modules work. Does not remove effects like 'fleet in orbit' or 'upgrading fleet'.

Size: 0.324 MB Author: Kondi Updated: 25 Nov, 2021 @ 8:10am
Downscaled Ships

Compatible with 3.2.*Compatibility patches:DLC:-Aquatic ship set DLCMods:-AI ship set.-Sins of the Prophets.-EAC: At War PatchGraphical mod only. No gameplay changes.This mod fixes a couple of problems with the default visuals: Fleets are too tightly packed and ships often clip through each other. O

Size: 5.229 MB Author: Kondi Updated: 25 Nov, 2021 @ 8:10am
Complete Colors

Version 1.01Adds a complete RGB Color Table with 2048+ colors to the color selection menu of the Empire Creator.Mod Features:Adds 2048+ New Colors in an RGB color grid for selection during Empire CreationGreyscale Bar at the bottom of the grid for a full selection of greysMaintains the original colo

Size: 0.098 MB Author: Delincious Updated: 27 Jun, 2016 @ 5:07pm
Improved Space Battles [Graphics]

Improved Space Battles - expand your mid / late game with 5 new super-capital class ships, over 50 new technologies and 11 doomsday weapons - including planet destroying, star system destroying and anti-fleet super-weapons.Initial Compatibility Hotfix for 2.1. Sincere apologies for going MIA!Improve

Size: 1.317 MB Author: Ankain Updated: 8 Jun, 2018 @ 2:04am
Epic Explosions

Compatible with 3.2 and older versionsDoes it feel wrong to you that ships equipped with unimaginably powerful fusion reactors quietly drift into the darkness after destruction? This mod will make them blaze like a star for one last glorious moment.Compatibility/information:-Achievement compatible.-

Size: 0.365 MB Author: Kondi Updated: 25 Nov, 2021 @ 8:10am
Nights on Planets

It is simple retexture mod that make planet's city lights look more natural and realistic. これはテクスチャを張り替えただけのシンプルなMODです。惑星上の都市の光をより現実的な物に変えます。I recommend use this mod together with realistic solar system mod

Size: 10.669 MB Author: Flying Stationer Updated: 26 Nov, 2016 @ 4:59am
Beautiful Universe v2.0

This mod changes vanilla skyboxes and brings more beauty to the game. As references were used NASA photos, EVE Online skyboxes, and various digital art.Compatibility: - Use it with any other mod freely and no fear.If you are using mod Real Space subscribe to compatibility patch.If you are using mod

Size: 336.455 MB Author: Avel Updated: 2 Nov, 2019 @ 9:58pm
Color coded pop status icons

Color coded pop status icons by ParasiteXSimple little mod. Just adds color coded pop status icons that are easier to differentiate. Also recolors the building upgrade icon to green.Compatible with achievements in Iron Man mode.Each icon color represents:Green = MigratingBlue = Enslaved (Original: O

Size: 0.060 MB Author: ParasiteX Updated: 29 Oct, 2020 @ 3:31pm
Real Sol Textures

Ever been turned off by Paradox's lackluster textures used in the Solar System? This mod aims to fix that by adding real textures for the planets in our Solar System. This is my first mod so I hope you all enjoy!Things this mod does:- Adds unique textures for Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Ceres, Io, Eur

Size: 274.904 MB Author: Alex FRD Updated: 7 Dec, 2022 @ 3:56pm
ISBS - Living Systems

Improved Space Battles Standalone - Living Systems adds life to your interstellar empire by populating it with hundreds of autonomous civilian vessels. Your systems will no longer feel empty and devoid of life as civilian vessels buzz around from planet to planet on their daily business.Initial Comp

Size: 3.500 MB Author: Ankain Updated: 8 Jun, 2018 @ 2:34am
Star Wars Empire Ships Legacy

should work with 2.0Star Wars Empire Ship Pack v.1.5 Do not redistribute the mod without permission, nor use mod content in another mod even if it is only the asset. files without asking first!Version for Stellaris 2.6 can be found here:

Size: 648.246 MB Author: Elratie Updated: 11 Jun, 2018 @ 12:20pm
Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris

Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris v0.3.10Compatible with 3.4.* and 3.3.* Come join our Discord: of a Solar Empire's best Halo mod has come to Stellaris! Sins of the Prophets is an award winning and critically acclaimed mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Swarms of

Size: 1,311.535 MB Author: Lavo Updated: 21 Jul, 2022 @ 1:37pm