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3.* 3.0.* 3.6.* 40k A Galaxy Divided Addon AI AI Personalities Aliens Animated Anime Anomalies Anomaly Athens Backgrounds Balance Battlestar Binary Buildings Bundeswehr C&C Celtic CIS Civics Clone Wars CoFH Combat Combine Compatibility Crisis Crush the Rebellion. Destroy their dream. Customization cybrxkhan Dark Elf Deutsch Development Diplomacy Don't comment before read!!! dragon Drow Economy Egyptian Elite Dangerous Elven Elves Emblem Emblems Empire Eve Events Federations Fixes Flag Flags Flavor Font Frog Froggy Galactic Empire Galactic Republic Galaxy Generaion Galaxy Generation Gameplay German Get your 6-6-6-6 Admiral today! Governments Graphics Greek Guardians half-life Halo Homeworld Human Fallen Empires I'm a tag Icons Improved Space Battles Industry on the fleet Interface ISB ISBS jasonpepe Kermit KOTOR Kurogane LCARS Leaders Leviathans Loading Screen Localization Logo lootbox Magic the Gathering Mandalorian Mandolorian Clans Mass Effect Megastructures Military Mod Menu Mod Pharaoh Modifiers ModJam 2022 MtG Music Namelists Names New economic system Nomadic NSC2 Old Republic Option Organic robots Origin Origins OST Overhaul Paradox why you did this to us Performance Pirates Planets QUENTOPOLIS Random random AI Read Read description first Real Space Rebel Alliance Red Rising Replicators Republic RLS roman Rome Rooms Scrin Ship Ship Set Ships Shipsets Sith Sith Empire Sol System Expanded Sound Space Battles Spaceships Species SPQR star Star Trek Star Wars Stargate Stars StarTrek Stellar Expansion Stellaris: Utopia Stolen from EU4 Story Suffer not the alien to live SWTOR Talarian Technologies The CIA created the Prethoryn The Death Star was an inside job. The Unbidden was an inside job Tiberium Tocharians Total Conversion Toxoid Traditions Traits Translation Trek UI Utilities Variety War Warhammer What an 'Crate' pun You have to rename your prison planets Australia ZoFE

ST : New Horizons UI - FEDERATION

Only have 1 UI mod activated at a time! It is recommended to use this mod in combination with ST: New Horizons 3.6.1 compatible This mod changes the user interface to an LCARS style, including sounds. Achievement compatible if used without the ST:NH main mod - only graphic and sound files have

Size: 318.075 MB Author: Cutter Slade Updated: 11 Dec, 2022 @ 8:57am
Mass Effect Soundtrack

Compatibility- Should be compatible with any other mod (please let me know if you have issues)- Does not deactivate the original soundtrack- Ironman and achievements compatible- Supported version: 3.6.*- Should remain compatible with any later versionMod variantsMass Effect soundtrack - AtmosphericS

Size: 134.352 MB Author: Minoris Updated: 11 Dec, 2022 @ 5:47pm
Improved Space Battles [Graphics]

Improved Space Battles - expand your mid / late game with 5 new super-capital class ships, over 50 new technologies and 11 doomsday weapons - including planet destroying, star system destroying and anti-fleet super-weapons.Initial Compatibility Hotfix for 2.1. Sincere apologies for going MIA!Improve

Size: 1.317 MB Author: Ankain Updated: 8 Jun, 2018 @ 2:04am
Star Wars Sound Effects for Legacy version 1.9

Star Wars Soundeffects for various things in Stellaris. Do not redistribute the mod without permission, nor use mod content in another mod even if it is only the asset. files without asking first! The Mod will be for Legacy version 1.9 from now on, for new stuff wait for the Fallen Republic mod:http

Size: 18.243 MB Author: Elratie Updated: 20 Dec, 2017 @ 2:44am
Better Star Wars Music

This has been update for v2.2.2*****THIS WILL WORK IF YOU GET THE ERROR MESSAGE SAYING IT IS OUTDATED*****I have added several new track and organized them for the music player. I have completely overhauled this mod! This music Mod now contains 329 Music Files. I have added ALL of the soundtrack fro

Size: 1,059.196 MB Author: cmo3056 Updated: 28 Dec, 2018 @ 9:06am
ST : New Horizons UI - ROMULAN

Only have 1 UI mod activated at a time! This mod does work with both Vanilla and with ST: New Horizons 3.6.1 compatible Achievement compatible if used without the ST:NH main mod - only graphic and sound files have been changed UI rework new font SoundsOfficial ST: New Horizons Mods

Size: 182.428 MB Author: Cutter Slade Updated: 11 Dec, 2022 @ 8:58am
ST : New Horizons UI - BORG

Only have 1 UI mod activated at a time! This mod does work with both Vanilla and with ST: New Horizons 3.6.1 compatible Achievement compatible if used without the ST:NH main mod - only graphic and sound files have been changed UI rework SoundsOfficial ST: New Horizons Mods ST: New Hori

Size: 195.623 MB Author: Cutter Slade Updated: 11 Dec, 2022 @ 8:59am
Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project

Link to soundcloud for weapon examples - You can also expect to hear new sound samples from my profile there : The soundcloud does not includes Apoc Titan or Fallen Titan sounds or npc weapons atm. But they

Size: 150.951 MB Author: Chirumiru ShiRoz Updated: 16 May, 2022 @ 3:52am
Warship Girls BGM

本MOD为幻萌旗下游戏《战舰少女R》的BGM收录MOD目前我们已经收纳了91首来自官方和同人的歌曲,在未来我们可能还会收纳四叶草剧场的BGM友军MOD:1.Warship girls R and MIST species舰RMOD物种MOD,拥有独立的政体、科技、事件、飞船组件�

Size: 337.529 MB Author: PSIONIC海豹 Updated: 23 Dec, 2022 @ 10:27am
Warship Girls Advisor

本顾问语音mod为幻萌公司旗下游戏 战舰少女 中游戏角色 列克星敦(cv:@Sakula小舞)、赤城(cv:@紫苏九月)、维内托(cv:萝卜Cheddar)、长春(cv:@林簌SUSU)的角色语音包。本语音mod中收录的台词均为氪金特别定制,以贴合�

Size: 244.821 MB Author: Amatsukaze Updated: 31 Oct, 2022 @ 4:20am


Size: 433.400 MB Author: haruna Updated: 27 Dec, 2022 @ 4:07am
SW: Fallen Republic - More Music

The unofficial music sub-mod for Star Wars: Fallen Republic.Adds 50+ tracks from across Star Wars media such as:Episode I - VIThe Clone Wars (2008 series)RebelsThe MandalorianSolo: A Star Wars StoryKnights of the Old Republicand many more...A friendly reminder to streamer: This contain copyrighted

Size: 458.316 MB Author: SolarRider Updated: 19 Aug, 2020 @ 9:12am
! Kogasa Advisor

Kogasa Voice AdvisorNon English voice line right nowBut if you like this energetic and cute voice, jsut subscribeCompatibility and SortingAnywhere and all mods compatible

Size: 44.786 MB Author: Alice Updated: 1 Aug, 2022 @ 7:15am
Girls Frontline Voice Pack

3.4.*✔️; English✔️compatibilityDoes not conflict with other mods【sortord】You can put it anywhere in the mod listElaborate Girls Frontline voice packContains the following voice packetsC93G36PPKKP31MP41HK416M1873M1931MakarovPPSh-41Mosin-NagantM4-SOPMODIII'll make more interesting features

Size: 470.353 MB Author: Alice Updated: 18 Sep, 2021 @ 12:40am
Azur Lane Voice Pack

3.1.*✔️; English✔️compatibilityDoes not conflict with other mods【sortord】You can put it anywhere in the mod listElaborate Azur Lane voice packContains the following voice packetsZ23HoodLaffeyAkashiAuroraJavelinBelfastSheffieldWarspiteAyanamiBelchanBismarckClevelandLongIslandPrinzEugenI'l

Size: 709.180 MB Author: Alice Updated: 3 Nov, 2021 @ 9:29am
Paimon Chinese Adviser

【Genshin series voice package】Paimon,your best friend!This voice package is not the content intercepted by the genshin game, It is a new dubbing created by simulating Paimon's way of speaking and common lines, combined with the game content of Stellaris.In theory, there is no incompatibility,Sel

Size: 63.509 MB Author: 埃罗芒阿三三 Updated: 14 Sep, 2021 @ 9:20am
Star Oath Project 1.2

New Leader System Expand for 3.5Star Oath is a large-scale standalone leader system mod, using a brand-new framework to redesign Stellaris' leader systems.1. Hundreds of new leader traits have been added, covering all leader types~2. Makes the leader system more important and engaging by allowing pl

Size: 934.763 MB Author: 埃罗芒阿三三 Updated: 2 Dec, 2022 @ 2:23am


Size: 96.903 MB Author: Etherandir Updated: 7 Oct, 2022 @ 12:18am
Mass Effect: Beyond the Advisors

The next major update for BtA is currently entering pre-production [aka writing and audition prep]! Soon we will begin casting our next 4 advisors and will announce any open calls in our discord server!Welcome Home, Commander…Immerse yourself into Bioware's sci-fi epic in a way you’ve never expe

Size: 981.948 MB Author: Zeverance Updated: 1 Jan @ 5:24am


Size: 12.251 MB Author: 瑪瑙かなめ Updated: 10 Nov, 2022 @ 6:41pm