The Prime Flesh (Modjam 2022) for Stellaris

Here you can download The Prime Flesh (Modjam 2022) mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Evereal

Size (unpacked): 200.671 MB

Updated: 27 Jan @ 8:19pm

Tags: Events

The Prime Flesh mid-game crisis for Modjam2022.

Please direct all concerns to Evereal#9832 on Discord.

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What it does:
- When installed by its own, It fires at around the mid game start year or with the command: 'effect begin_crisis_PF22 = yes'.
- When installed via the MODJAM2022 launcher, you can manage how its triggers through the launcher.
- The Prime Flesh spawn in an isolated cluster linked to the galaxy via wormholes.
- After some time, the Prime Flesh awake.
- The Prime Flesh have a patience rating which starts at 100 and decreases to 0 depending on the distance from your empire to the wormholes.
- At 0 the Prime Flesh attack you, assaulting you with disease outbreaks, influenced cults and eventually a frontal assault.
- You may increase their patience by giving them tribute or waging war for them.
- If the Prime Flesh succeeds, their growth rating increases, which increases the strength of their fleets.
- The Prime Flesh will capture worlds, which will assimilate the population and eventually terraform the planet into a hive world.
- At 100 growth, they begin a galactic-wide assault (tributes will no longer work to increase patience).
- The Prime Flesh are defeated when you capture their home world (Sola Civitas) or by vassalising them after learning enough from them during war.