The Storm Cluster for Stellaris

Here you can download The Storm Cluster mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: sirblackaxe

Size (unpacked): 1.963 MB

Updated: 16 Jan @ 11:26pm

Tags: Events

The Storm Cluster mid-game crisis for the Stellaris #MODJAM2022 contest. The main purpose of this 'crisis' is to offer some new systems to explore after the midgame. It is not intended to pose a threat to the galaxy.

  • This crisis spawns an extragalactic system cluster, offering new systems to explore in the midgame and another chance to spawn special systems not already present in the galaxy.
  • All systems are concealed in sensor-blocking nebulas, so you'll need to jump blindly into the systems instead of relying on sensor tech. This may be dangerous, use caution!
  • The cluster is connected to the galaxy by a set of new wormholes that appear during a space storm. The space storm will last longer than normal, and the crisis ends on its own when it disperses.

Known issues:
  • (Unfixable) The nebula graphics won't appear on the galaxy map unless you use the reload_graphical_map console command or reload the save. It's not possible to do this from script.
  • Sometimes spawns systems with crossed hyperlanes.

    Console Commands:
    • reload_graphical_map
      will make the nebula graphics for the Storm Cluster appear on the galaxy map without requiring you to reload the game.
    • effect set_global_flag = scluster_allowed
      enables the Storm Cluster, if you didn't choose to turn it at game start.
    • effect remove_global_flag = scluster_allowed
      disables the Storm Cluster, if it hasn't fired yet.
    • effect begin_crisis_scluster = yes
      fires the Storm Cluster. If there's a space storm already active it will appear in a few days, otherwise it will start a space storm and appear in 6 to 18 months.
    • effect start_space_storm = yes
      starts a space storm. Useful if you want the Storm Cluster to appear sooner.

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