Ultimate Technologies for Stellaris

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Author: breloom1994

Size (unpacked): 6.703 MB

Updated: 17 Dec, 2022 @ 5:15pm

Tags: Graphics Technologies Military Economy

For Stellaris v3.6+
Have you ever feel being restricted on development and military power?
Unchangeable planets and negative modifiers. Insecure border, pirates plundering and angering peoples.
Or you just feel graphics are too crude and primitive, weapons are not cool enough?

May I present the dawn of a new era:
Powerful technologies, traits, edicts, economy, terraform ability, armies, and the COOOOOLEST weapons.
Ultimate technologies got them all! Build an utopia world just for you.

A perfect world starts NOW!


- Technologies -
You can acquire a bunch of advanced technologies which provides you with powerful new edicts, weapons and buildings simply via scientific research.They all have their special way to benefit your empire.
click here to see the details

- Economy -
Ultimate technologies allow you to create a brand new colony type: Utopia World, the perfect one. Utopia Worlds has their unique districts and economic system, with special jobs. There also have a lot of powerful buildings which unlock by technologies, they can offer you anything you might need, even rare resources, build them to specialize and enhance your planets.

- Edicts & Decisions -
There are powerful edicts provides numerous benefits to the entire country once you unlocked them, but they also need to cost a great amount of influence. You can alter the planet size by using "Geological Reconstruction" decision. It's also possible to remove most kind negative planet modifier with correct decisions.

- Terraform -
Almost all kinds of rocky planets will be able to terraform into a habitable world once you have technologies "Geological Reconstruction" and "Edenization".
Barren planets can terraform into a habitable planet by using a great deal of energy. Molten planets and toxic planets need to be turned into a barren planet first and then start to conduct "Edenization". Frozen planets can directly terraform into an arctic planet.
Although it seems to be omnipotent, "Edenization" still has it's limit, a planet is too small or too big will not be able to terraform.

- Armies - (only in expand patch)
Specialized soldier, dreadful machines made for killing, you can even summon the Godzilla and the Avatar to the battlefield!

- Weapons & Utilities - (only in expand patch)
Finally to our gorgeous ultimate weapons. Every weapon in this mod is absolutely powerful, and have their special graphics and effects, every combat is like a light show, prepare a pair of sunglasses, cause you may need them.

- Expand Patch -
To maximize the custom options. The main mod DO NOT contain the ship components, weapon module and armies. There will be THREE major expand patch for you to choose, each of them presents in different strength:
Ultimate Weaponry (Lite)
If you are a vanilla game player and would like to just expand the military options without making the game imbalanced. This lite patch is the best option for you. The weapon power is close to the vanilla game and everyone has access to it.

Ultimate Weaponry (Standard)
If you are a regular mod player and would like to gain some awesome powerful weapon to beat some challenging enemies. This standard patch is definitely good for you. The weapon power is not dramatically high and will provides you great joy.

Still, feel not strong enough? Here is the cheat option: Ultimate Weaponry (Restriction Break)
Speak of dramatically powerful strength, here it is. Considering it's a cheat patch, AI won't be able to use those weapons. Normally I would not use this one cause the overwhelming powers just kills the fun of this game. But if you would like to have some powerful weapon to against this insane end game mod, well, this patch will help you slay the giant.

each of those weaponry patch contains all of the ship components, weapon module and armies, the only difference is numerically, you are welcome to subscribe them all if you wish to, but I would highly recommend you just active one in each game,or otherwise your components set will be too crowded.

-Localisation Patch -
Build-in Chinese & German localisation, you won't need additional patches.
Special thanks to Lucanoria for making the amazing German translation.
Japanese localisation (special thanks to @Timil): [JP localize patch] Ultimate technologies
Polish localisation (special thanks to @Kovalinio): Polish Localisation for Ultimate technologies
Russian localisation (special thanks to @severeniys): Rus Perevod

- Compatibility -
Compatibility is always my primary goal. None vanilla game file or data have been changed, the files of this mod are completely independent. Feel free to run with other mods.
- This mod contains build-in support for -NSC2 Season 2 - Finale - Mod Version 2.5.x- , no need for additional patch.
- Compatible patch for Production Revolution

- Recommended Mods -
- Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization
Need a bigger "punch bug"? With this mod, you can alter the AI empire, crisis, and any other factions' strength during any time of the game if you want to, they even can grow as ten times stronger than the vanilla ones.

- UI Overhaul Dynamic
Apart from all the amazing UI edition they made, it also provides scrollbars to the technologies, so you can read the whole descriptions, to get to know everything that this technology unlocks.

- 3D Fleet Formation
A very useful mod, expand ship spacing on a 3D scale, so the ships won't be too close to even "collide" on each other. Also, you can get a better view on combat especially when the weapon fire effects are quite a boom.

- Q & A -
Q: Will AI empires use this mod?
A: Yes, AI empires have full access to everything in this mod, but AIs are clumsy and they poorly utilize the mod contains. If you feel unwilling to let AI get such power, you can use the cheat patch: Ultimate Technologies (Restriction Break) .

Q: Is this mod save friendly?
A: Yes, totally, feel free to load it into your saves at any time you want.

- Final -
If you like this mod, please give a thumbs up. Or even more, click the "Favorite" button. Those are the best way to support me. Hope you enjoy this mod, and have a nice day!

Special thanks
@Mr. Miyagi for helped me with descriptions.
@mario0244 for the new scripts which improved the districts replacing.