(-United Traits-) for Stellaris

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Author: Fugasas

Size (unpacked): 0.435 MB

Updated: 3 Dec, 2022 @ 3:38am

Tags: Species Leaders

This mod contains 70+ traits for species inspired by various Sci-Fi themes (from Star Wars, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stargate, StarCraft to Fallout). New traits are defined in a separate file, therefore vanilla traits are not affected. These traits are more or less balanced according to initial game traits. Excet machine traits are slightly better to make game more balanced.

Supported languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. Please contact me if you can translate to another language supported by the game.

Please let me know if you want some area covered by a new trait (discussion link). You can let me know your comments regarding balance here: discussion link.

List of traits: link to discussion.

Change log:
V 1.0: 24 traits added.
V1.1: 10 new traits were added: slaver, grunt, loyalist, rebel, scavenger, hive, clone, advanced engineer, advanced sociologist and advanced physicist. Trait robot tuned.
V1.2: 11 new traits added: small creature, big creature, wanderer, hedonist, extreme harvester, super efficient, survivalist, obnoxious, replicator, prey and unreliable.
V1.3: 13 new traits added: ancient, parasite host, criminal, lawful, exterminator, invasive, fanatical, self-sufficient, mercenary, servant, mineral consumer, food consumer and energy consumer.
V1.4: several traits were revised to be more diverse and balanced.
V1.5: updates implemented for 1.5 Banks, ethics attraction and consuming of goods modifiers have been added to traits, happiness modifiers to other species updated according to vanilla game. Hive mind ethics considered when traits are selected. New traits individualist, collectivist and psi-gifted have been added.
V1.6: 4 new unity traits added: united, extremely united, divided, extremely divided. Previous traits also received modifiers regarding unity and food output when they are consumed.
V1.7: 7 new machine traits added: super efficient processors, inefficient processors, super inefficient processors, extreme mass produced, extreme custom made, completely recycled, super luxurious.

Trait Hive
The mod has trait Hive which was created before Utopia :). Also it allows highly unified play style without negative/positive features of Hive-mind and it is an option for players who do not have Utopia.

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Pirates Removed - pirate mechanic disabled.

Conflicts with other mods
The mod adds only new traits and increases window for modification of species. Only possible conflict if the same trait (names match exactly) is added by another trait mod. In case other mod changes window it depends what is changed if only interface\species_mod_window.gui it should not cause conflicts.

Also big thanks for
• Translation to Russian by CT-3007 and nidhegg.anth;
• Translation to Spanish by (Es)ven Hassel;
• Translation to German by Maboy;
• Translation to French by Age of Sigmar.