Various Servant Job 3.6 FIX for Stellaris

Here you can download Various Servant Job 3.6 FIX mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Kulvain

Size (unpacked): 0.085 MB

Updated: 19 Jan @ 7:35am

Tags: Gameplay

A 3.6 Fix for the Various Servant Job Mod by 강건너구경
All credit belongs to 강건너구경
For some reason it doesn't seem to like the colonization_control condition. So I made this quick workaround that uses Living standards instead.

Servants = Decent Conditions + Military Service
Pets = Decent Conditions + Military Service Excempt
Reproductive Servant = Basic Subsistence + Military Service Excempt
Maids = Basic Subsistence + Military Service

The Slave Treatment species right currently does nothing afaik.
This is only a basic workaround, I am not much of a Modder and only spend like one or two hours on this as I wanted to use it myself. I hope someone more experienced will take a look at this in the future.
The mod is currently Standalone and doesn't require the old version by 강건너구경

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