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Author: Xyre255

Size (unpacked): 1.277 MB

Updated: 25 Jan @ 2:39pm

Tags: Gameplay Balance Species

What is it about
In the game only Fungoids, Plantoids and Lithoids get unique traits that no other species class has. This is a bit of a problem because at the end of the day there is no difference between them. There is no difference between Arthropods and Mamalian species when it comes to unique traits as they get none. This mod adds over 100 traits, that are divided between all species classes. All of these traits are based on real phenomena, and tropes related to the species class.

A lot of these traits are focused on how they impact or are impacted by the environment they find themselves in and how they impact the environment themselves. As a example Avian, Arthropoid and Aquatic species gain access to the Brood Parasite trait, that increases their pop growth speed at the cost of other species. For a more positive kind of impact we have the Fertilising trait avilable to Plantoids and Fungoids that increases habitability for all by +1%. There is something for even pop bombing connoisseurs with traits like Infertilising, Locusts, Plagued, Vector and Polluting that reduce habitability, but do it in different ways and differing severity.

Maybe you want to have a different take on Xenophilia. A more... Parasitic kind of it. Growing your species at the expense of others via brood parasitism, being a brain parasite that slowly takes over other empires, or just ignoring food and instead feasting on the blood of fellow pops directly. You can even be a social parasite and refuse to do any worker jobs at all. And if you want to be nicer to your neighbors you can always have your species make use of the Behaviour Altering trait making your other pops more happy.

For now the mod includes:
  • 8 Previously cut negative traits
  • 18 Generic traits for Biological and Lithoid species
  • 56 Species class specific traits for Biological species
  • 16 Traits for Lithoid species.
  • 15 Traits for Robot and Machine species
  • 9 Traits for Presapients.
  • 1 Trait for Hiveminds
  • 1 Optional trait for the Post-Apocalyptic Origin
  • 16 Traits for Cyborgs

Future content
  • More traits for every species class.
  • Rebalancing, fixing and reworking of certain traits that cause gameplay and performance problems *cough* Mutagenic *cough*.
  • Adding more languages and fixing typos.

This mod might be on the more resource intensive side of things. So if you feel the game lags too much for your taste go and subscribe to the Performance Patch and put it below V_TRAITS in the load order. The Patch disables randomization for traits using triggered modifiers, only allowing custom empires to make use of them. Another thing you can do is to turn Xenocompatibility off.

  • English (For now)

Files owerwritten: 00_social_classes, 01_gestalt_drones, 02_other_categories, 00_personalities,
If any mod also overwrites these files, something will most likely break and will require a compatibility patch.

The mod comes with a inbuilt compatibility with Planetary Diversity. In that case put V_TRAITS below Planetary Diversity in the load order.

My other Mods
Performance Patch - Like the name says it is a performance patch. It disables the random selection of performance intensive traits for randomized empires.
Abspecies - A mod that allows for the creation of Abspecies. It is a standalone submod and doesn't require V_TRAITS to function.

Remember to leave your suggestions for traits and ballance changes below.
Also please report the bugs when you find them, it really helps.


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