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3.* 3.0.* 3.6.* 40k A Galaxy Divided Addon AI AI Personalities Aliens Animated Anime Anomalies Anomaly Athens Backgrounds Balance Battlestar Binary Buildings Bundeswehr C&C Celtic CIS Civics Clone Wars CoFH Combat Combine Compatibility Crisis Crush the Rebellion. Destroy their dream. Customization cybrxkhan Dark Elf Deutsch Development Diplomacy Don't comment before read!!! dragon Drow Economy Egyptian Elite Dangerous Elven Elves Emblem Emblems Empire Eve Events Federations Fixes Flag Flags Flavor Font Frog Froggy Galactic Empire Galactic Republic Galaxy Generaion Galaxy Generation Gameplay German Get your 6-6-6-6 Admiral today! Governments Graphics Greek Guardians half-life Halo Homeworld Human Fallen Empires I'm a tag Icons Improved Space Battles Industry on the fleet Interface ISB ISBS jasonpepe Kermit KOTOR Kurogane LCARS Leaders Leviathans Loading Screen Localization Logo lootbox Magic the Gathering Mandalorian Mandolorian Clans Mass Effect Megastructures Military Mod Menu Mod Pharaoh Modifiers ModJam 2022 MtG Music Namelists Names New economic system Nomadic NSC2 Old Republic Option Organic robots Origin Origins OST Overhaul Paradox why you did this to us Performance Pirates Planets QUENTOPOLIS Random random AI Read Read description first Real Space Rebel Alliance Red Rising Replicators Republic RLS roman Rome Rooms Scrin Ship Ship Set Ships Shipsets Sith Sith Empire Sol System Expanded Sound Space Battles Spaceships Species SPQR star Star Trek Star Wars Stargate Stars StarTrek Stellar Expansion Stellaris: Utopia Stolen from EU4 Story Suffer not the alien to live SWTOR Talarian Technologies The CIA created the Prethoryn The Death Star was an inside job. The Unbidden was an inside job Tiberium Tocharians Total Conversion Toxoid Traditions Traits Translation Trek UI Utilities Variety War Warhammer What an 'Crate' pun You have to rename your prison planets Australia ZoFE

Japanese Complete Translation

ゲームを完全に日本語化します。(DLCの内容も含む)2.4.0対応本MOD単体で動作します。Japanese Language Modは不要です。注意!本MODを使用した場合、NPC帝国はゲーム開始時から、プレイヤー帝国は政体変更時から艦船の接頭辞が表�

Size: 22.998 MB Author: 総帥閣下 Updated: 7 May, 2022 @ 8:31pm
Star Wars Rebel Ships

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Ship Pack v.1.1This ship pack allows you to play with the Rebel Alliance Fleet from the Imperial Civil War era. Do not redistribute the mod without permission, nor use mod content in another mod even if it is only the asset. files without asking first! The Mod will be for Le

Size: 461.947 MB Author: Elratie Updated: 17 Jun, 2018 @ 7:49am
Automated Behavior Ajdustment

Corrects combat behaviors to something more realistic.Please test, review, and let me know how it works. I desperately need detailed feedback.I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun. Since I do not actually play, I have no idea what would best for you. Please give

Size: 0.003 MB Author: folk Updated: 7 Dec, 2017 @ 8:14am
Tiny Building Constructions

Tinyifies the list of buildings available for construction on planets!100% compatible with 1080/1440 addons, and all addons that add buildings, basically.I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun. Since I do not actually play, I have no idea what would be best for yo

Size: 0.464 MB Author: folk Updated: 28 Mar, 2018 @ 2:48am
Ticking Warscore

Recent ChangesCompatibility update for 1.9.DescriptionA small mod that adds ticking warscore to the following wargoals:* Cede Planet* Liberate Planet* Cleanse Planet* Dismantle Habitat* Make Tributary* Make Protectorate* Vassalize* Artificial Intelligence Ban* Stop Atrocities* Humiliate* Dismantle F

Size: 0.012 MB Author: Barbariccia Updated: 7 Dec, 2017 @ 2:31pm
More Tilesets

This mod used to implement custom tilesets for Ringworlds, Gaia worlds and Tomb Worlds for Stellaris 1.6 before the base game had custom tilesets and portraits. Now as of 2.7 the only original art made by me that this mod offers is a alternative tomb world portrait.ChangesTomb World portraitMy Other

Size: 2.052 MB Author: Sam_ Updated: 6 Jun, 2020 @ 5:07pm
Tiny Outliner

Tinyifies lots of stuff in the Outliner!Compatible with 1080/1440 addons, my Tiny Planets (in Outliner) addon, and most likely every other addon you can find.Moves the war icons and federation icons from the bottom right corner and up to the top LEFT corner of the screen.Moves the music player to th

Size: 0.400 MB Author: folk Updated: 28 Mar, 2018 @ 2:46am
(-United Sci-Fi Races-)

This mod is an effort to combine sci-fi related races in one place. The plan is to create, combine, improve and revive portraits from all available science fiction mods specifically the ones that are no longer updated by their creators. It is an independent mod with focus mainly on portraits. Now th

Size: 907.483 MB Author: Fugasas Updated: 3 Dec, 2022 @ 3:32am
Fallen Empires Expanded v1.5

Version 1.5 for Stellaris 1.6 "Adams"Fallen Empires are ancient, stagnating but extremely powerful empires, fully developed at the start of the game. They serve as late-game adversaries and can be allies or opponents of the end-game crisis, War in Heavens.- Fallen Empires, Stellaris WikiFallen Empir

Size: 1.663 MB Author: MapleLeafWarrior Updated: 13 Oct, 2017 @ 12:47pm
War Name Variety (2.0 - The Invasion Begins)

Wars feel a lot more serious with a bit of naming variety!Before 2.0, the only options for war names were things like 'conflict', 'fight', and 'brawl'. It's been improved now, with dozens of names for different casus bellis, but they're still a little boring. So this mod's been updated for 2.0, comb

Size: 0.005 MB Author: ArcaneData Updated: 5 Jun, 2019 @ 1:00pm
Planetary Diversity

Stellaris: 3.6.* Not Achievement FriendlyPD Discord ServerPlanetary Diversity Add-On ModsUnique WorldsMore ArcologiesExotic WorldsReworked HabitabilityPlanet ViewPlanetary HabitatsShroud WorldsSpace HabitatsGaia WorldsRingworldsLooking for an Old/Legacy Versions of PD? Click HereThis mod adds 54

Size: 2,118.224 MB Author: Gatekeeper Updated: 28 Dec, 2022 @ 9:52pm
More Star Classes

[MOD ABANDONED, SOURCE CODE HERE](I apologize for it being a disaster) you all so much for enjoying and having fun with this mod! I'm glad I could enhance your game and made something you (hopefully!) enjoyed!!!~~

Size: 41.154 MB Author: Kepler68 Updated: 8 Oct, 2019 @ 9:20am
Nirvana Empire Project

2022.12.16 移除了所有可能会导致出现问题的机制修改关于本mod的更新日志与流程攻略,欢迎您加入群星中文频道欢迎大家加入QQ群讨论MOD及汇报BUG,或提出建议~建了个本MOD的QQ群~166037843如果您愿意支持我们的话我们的爱发电:http

Size: 198.192 MB Author: SteRyGogO Updated: 24 Jan @ 7:48pm
IIC - Mandalorian Ships

The Icarus Interstellar Corporation presents the Mandalorian Ship Pack!This ship pack allows you to play with the Mandalorian Fleet from the KOTOR/SWTOR/GCW Era'sThis Mod Includes 14 new ships and 2 new Strike Craft____________________________________________________________________________Civilian

Size: 127.988 MB Author: Yorick Updated: 15 Oct, 2017 @ 1:42pm
Sins of the Prophets: NSC Compatibility Patch

Sins of the Prophets: NSC Compatibility Patch v0.2.9Compatible with 3.2.*, 3.1.*, 3.0.*, 2.8.*, 2.7.*, 2.6.*, 2.5.*, and 2.4.* Come join our Discord: off of our main Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris mod, we are pleased to present this compatibility patch for use wit

Size: 26.199 MB Author: Lavo Updated: 3 Jan, 2022 @ 1:49pm
Dedicated Worlds

Have you ever wanted to focus your planets? Create an Agri World to feed your people, a Fortress World on the edge of your space or a planet-wide city? This mod provides several types of dedicated paths for colonies, meant to give each planet a unique feel. Features9 Focus Types for colonies & c

Size: 16.958 MB Author: LastLeviathan Updated: 28 Feb, 2018 @ 3:49pm
(-United Traits-)

This mod contains 70+ traits for species inspired by various Sci-Fi themes (from Star Wars, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stargate, StarCraft to Fallout). New traits are defined in a separate file, therefore vanilla traits are not affected. These traits are more or less balanced according to i

Size: 0.435 MB Author: Fugasas Updated: 3 Dec, 2022 @ 3:38am
Legend of Galactic Heroes Ships MOD

Attention.Please do not publicly share or upload any contents(including 3D models) in this MOD without permission from author (@lobolabo).Given the vague characteristics of this project, publicly sharing makes further development impossible.The author will have discontinue the development of this MO

Size: 1,686.768 MB Author: lobolabo Updated: 24 Dec, 2022 @ 10:41pm
We are the Imperial Navy

ImportantStellaris sometimes carries over Mod files even after player deactive the Mod. Try the "Clear user directory button" in the launcher if having issues. DescriptionThis mod adds a new shipset for those want to purge the galaxy as Emperor's swordThis mod works perfectly fine if you perfer vani

Size: 256.030 MB Author: Reise Updated: 25 Apr, 2021 @ 3:39am
Guilli's Planet Modifiers and Features

Guilli's Planet ModifiersFor version 3.6+ of the game. Compatible with all DLC. DLCs not required.Compatible with virtually all mods. Build in compatibility for mods such as Real Space, Planetary Diversity, and other mods that add planets. For a 3.4 LEGACY version of the mod, see here: https://steam

Size: 611.547 MB Author: Guilliman Updated: 27 Dec, 2022 @ 8:25am