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Bigger Planet View

For 3.6.X ✔️Older Versions:🎀 Building Box Dirty Fix 🎀Previews are not always up to date.Currently only supports up to 36 building slots!Makes the planet view bigger, and increases the slots for buildings (on planets, habitats and ring worlds) and corporate buildings.Increases the

Size: 14.940 MB Author: Orrie Updated: 13 Dec, 2022 @ 7:22am
Extended Vanilla Palette / Colors

Compatibility AddonsDark UI FixUI Overhaul Dynamic FixThis mod builds on top of the existing color palette.• This should be forward and backward compatible with any version of the game.• Multiplayer*, Ironman, and preexisting save-file compatible.• Incompatible with any other mods that edit th

Size: 0.353 MB Author: Gabriel Updated: 2 Dec, 2021 @ 9:56am
Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization

Ever had the problem that early game was way to hard and either you die early, or the game becomes boring very soon afterwards? Or do you think the game is too hard/easy in general and the player would deserve some bonuses/penalties? Or do you want stronger Fallen Empires. Or you want to reduce reso

Size: 4.803 MB Author: Gratak Updated: 29 Nov, 2022 @ 10:38pm
*Remastered Human Portraits

Updated for version 3.4 +The primary human race are using the old portraits from before 3.4 as base and have 70 portraits that replace the standard ones.The secondary human race is using the new human portraits and have 30 portraits replacing the standard ones.Put this mod after the clothing mods in

Size: 24.379 MB Author: Deadrick Updated: 28 Sep, 2022 @ 10:51am
!!!Universal Resource Patch [2.4+]

Updated for 3.6.*Patch to display the added strategic resources from different mods.For Stellaris +2.4.*Thanks to the new launcher the order in which mods are loaded is changed, if you have trouble getting the mod to work try moving it to the bottom, disable and than enable it again.List of supporte

Size: 0.114 MB Author: Narvindar Updated: 1 Jan @ 2:45pm
Fatal Foundations Story Pack [3.0]

The bonds between our realities are breaking down. Things that should not exist are finding their way through. How can we fight that which we cannot comprehend?Features:-New Mid-game Crisis: Overgrowth-New Event Chains-New Anomalies-New L-Gate Event [Distant Stars Required]-New Excavation [Ancient R

Size: 2.531 MB Author: TFL Updated: 6 Jun, 2021 @ 11:03am
At War: Planetary Cannons

Ambit has taken over this mod and can be found here: full collection of At War mods is here: of sitting passively while your enemies bombard your planets? Build som

Size: 0.783 MB Author: The Dadinator Updated: 7 Feb, 2020 @ 11:04am
Tiny Outliner v2

This mod is a fork of the original Tiny Outliner mod by Folk. Compatible with version v3.6.x.Other mods:Compatibility patch with UI Overhaul DynamicTiny Fleets OutlinerNative compatible with 1080/1440 UI mods.The mod is compatible with Ironman-mode, multiplayer, achievements and saves.It will help m

Size: 0.370 MB Author: Ivam Updated: 29 Nov, 2022 @ 2:43pm

Compatible with Stellaris 2.8. No longer updated, will remain as a legacy mod.A sub-mod for Planetary Diversity 2.8, do not use without it, it needs to overwrite a small number of PD's files, so it should be placed below Planetary Diversity in your mod list.These are the main features:Adds a large n

Size: 150.295 MB Author: Lex Peregrine Updated: 6 Mar, 2021 @ 10:21am
Automatic Pop Migration [Outated - 2.2]

Ambit has brought the mod up to 3.1+: Get it here: manually shifting around pops that are out of work and homeless getting you down? Want to get back to conquering the galaxy? This mod will find new planets for your out of work home

Size: 0.499 MB Author: The Dadinator Updated: 7 Feb, 2020 @ 11:05am
Azur Lane Stellaris DLC

Azur Lane Stellaris DLCAzur Lane Stelliars DLC 2.9 RebirthThis is an extended mod with the theme of Azurlane,Contains a lot of azurlane related settings,And some of my own imagination,It fits the basic theme of stellaris.Azur Lane English Translation——by @Hawkmoon, Thanks for help!Language:简

Size: 806.139 MB Author: 埃罗芒阿三三 Updated: 25 Jan @ 2:19am
UI Overhaul Dynamic

For 3.6.X ✔️📜 Changelog 📜Beta VersionOlder Versions3. Mods⛓️ Mod Compatibility & Patches ⛓️🏗️ Submods 🏗️Can be used in multiplayer, even with players who doesn't use it!🛠️ Interface Modified 🛠️Pretty much everything visible has had a change, b

Size: 77.274 MB Author: Orrie Updated: 13 Dec, 2022 @ 7:21am
UI Overhaul Dynamic + Planetary Diversity

For 3.6.X ✔️Compatibility patch between UI Overhaul Dynamic and Planetary Diversity so that Empire Creation matches the style in UIOD.It's still possible to play Planetary Diversity without this patch.📑 Load Order 📑Planetary DiversityUI Overhaul DynamicUI Overhaul Dynamic + Planetary Diver

Size: 3.140 MB Author: Orrie Updated: 10 Jan @ 3:15pm
Star Wars Ships 3.4.X

Note about the ship preview screen:- this mod REPLACES the vanilla military ship classes apart from corvette. - the preview screen ONLY shows the vanilla classes, which have no models set to them - this can give the impression that the mod does not work. - ignore this screen completely. - if I had t

Size: 1,992.972 MB Author: Larabee Updated: 6 Jul, 2022 @ 12:38pm
UI Overhaul Dynamic + Tiny Outliner v2

For 3.6.X ✔️It does require the main mod to run.This is a submod for UI Overhaul Dynamic that changes the outliner to mimic the look from Tiny Outliner v2. The differences is a bit wider outliner depending on your resolution and a tiny fleet section.It no longer requires Tiny Outliner v2 to run.

Size: 1.035 MB Author: Orrie Updated: 7 Jan @ 11:44am
Tiny Fleets

Tiny fleets in outlinerCompatible with version v3.6.x.Requiere Tiny Outliner v2

Size: 0.022 MB Author: Ivam Updated: 29 Nov, 2022 @ 2:44pm
36 Building Slots

For 3.6.X ✔️Just increases the buildings slots to 36, and that's pretty much it. Mod does not modify the branch office slots anymore.If you want to change the buildings slot amount:Goto: Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\281990\1630649870\common\defines\Open: bs_defines.txtChange: MAX_PLANET_BUIL

Size: 0.104 MB Author: Orrie Updated: 29 Nov, 2022 @ 8:45am
UI Overhaul Dynamic + Ethics and Civics Classic

For 3.6.X ✔️Compatibility patch between UI Overhaul Dynamic and Ethics and Civics Classic (Previously known as Cultural Overhaul).Doesn't add anything new by itself.📑 Load Order 📑Ethics and Civics ClassicUI Overhaul DynamicUI Overhaul Dynamic + Ethics and Civics ClassicNot working?Try one

Size: 0.318 MB Author: Orrie Updated: 13 Dec, 2022 @ 7:27am
Expanded Events

Adds more events, anomalies, and dig sites into the game.I would recommend that you use this alongside More Events Mod.Feature ListAdditions:More primitive events - Religious (designed to compliment those in More Events Mod) - Political (some can influence the civics and government they get when the

Size: 4.203 MB Author: Tovius Updated: 20 Jan @ 9:11pm
More Civics

More Civics This mod is intended to improve your stellaris experience with adding bunch of new civics. Currently adds 30+ new civics with various possibilities.Currently only doing version update. Some modifiers have been disabled or removed via game updates.Current Version: 3.6.0Featuring<Appren

Size: 0.909 MB Author: Harling Honenhoff Homer Updated: 3 Dec, 2022 @ 5:27am