AHS-01 CHORT Self Propelled Artillery for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download AHS-01 CHORT Self Propelled Artillery mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: WH1T3_No1SE

Size (unpacked): 1.529 MB

Updated: 15 Feb @ 11:43am

Tags: Vehicle Delivery Technical Mechanical Advanced Land Weapons Stationary v1.4.6


AHS-01 Chort is an advanced Self Propelled Artillery piece, armed with autoloading 155mm gun (leftover from failed naval vessel construction project) in a unmanned turret it can spread pure chaos in its range. Equipped with our most advanced balistic calulator it can fire directly at targets or switch to in-direct fire mode where shells shall land like lightning strikes straight from zeus himself. Oh and we forgot to put in a kettle like order required, ah well nobody will notice.

Newquay Armed Forces Collection

  • 155mm Artillery Gun.
  • Balistic calculator for both direct and in-direct fire.*
  • 82 Rounds of 155mm HE ammunition.
  • 6.5km Effective Firing Range.
  • 160km/h Max speed.
  • Full JTAC Capabilities.
  • Automatic Chaff Dispenser
  • 3 Separate Firing and Targeting modes.
*Leveling Legs Highly Recommended for firing in in-direct fire mode.

Quick Guide

Starting Engine up
  1. Ignition
  2. Release Hydraulic Brake (Underneath Steering wheel)
  3. Release Handbrake

How to Fire?
  1. Arm the gun on left console
  2. Reload
  3. Select designation mode of your likeing (besically how do you aim the gun)*
  4. Press fire!
*In Manual GPS mode you can use both Keyboard and Touchscreen map to aim, just press T on the map to enable targeting mode.

Set up for firing at JTAC Designated location
  1. Set JTAC recieve frequency to one that you expect JTAC signal from.
  2. Set Designation mode to "Recieved JTAC Mode"
  3. Set desired Shells Amount per Salvo that you want to fire at that location on recived signal.
  4. Set Auto Fire Salvo at Recieved JTAC location On.
  5. Arm the gun and load first shell.
Done, now the gun will automatically fire one salvo at JTAC designated coordinates.

Q: Where do i get JTAC Frequency on Ganymede?
A:On overhead panel you have written frequency, you need to set same one in the Chorts recieve frequency panel.

Q: Why are we still here?
A: Just to suffer.
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Sebastiaz | BluFFeR for Help with detailing.
Oh no Look Who for 8x8 Chassis.
Gustav_800mm for Dashboard.(Modified)
RootinTootinCowboy for Balistic Calculator.(Modified)
Buunuu for 3D Map.(Modified)
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