ARGO - Moonpool Version for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download ARGO - Moonpool Version mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: C4RB0N

Size (unpacked): 0.737 MB

Updated: 3 Sep @ 3:40pm

This is a version of the ARGO Submarine with a Moonpool in place of the Airlock Hatch, that makes Diving a lot easier.

Waterjet Propulsion with High Manoeuvrability
• Additional Rear Prop
• Max Speed: 24 knots
Depth Hold, Cruise Mode, Pitch+Roll Stabilisation
Complete Instrumentation: Sonar, Map, Ballast Monitor, VHF Radio, HUD
Collision Warning System
Airlock with seating for 2 Divers
Automatic Bilge Pumps
Towing Winch
Emergency Beacon Locator
Diving and Arctic Equipment
16 Illumination Flares + 8 Distress Flares

1. Enter the ARGO from the Top Hatch
2. Turn on the “System Power” Key Button (on the right)
3. Off you go!

Important Notes:
1. If you’re having trouble getting out of the Top Hatch, just jump in the Padded Seat next to it

2. For all operations, I suggest you fill the Ballast Tanks up to the Neutral Buoyancy Level (indicted by the Red Lines on the Ballast Monitor)

Additional Equipment:
The great versatility of this submarine stands in its ability to integrate with various Additional Equipment:

ODIN Diving Support Vessel It can easily transport the ARGO and 2 Cargo/Tanker Pods on its Deck, and deploy them with its Heavy Duty Crane

Air-Drop Cart to load the ARGO in my Airbus A400M. This way you can quickly transport the ARGO to the Diving Target and Air-Drop it right above it

Tanker Pod to transport Fuel or any other Fluid.

Cargo Pod to transport Cargo around.

• If you want to put your skills to the test, you can try out these Submarine Rescue Missions

• Digg¢, Sire ' Mi3ter ' VI, WH1T3_No1SE, Sheepdog - various Cockpit Instruments
• Edvin - Waterjet Controller
• Jansuk - LUA EchoSounder

Minor Update #1: (v 1270)
Added an External Button (on the Right Side Tank) to toggle the Docking Connectors. This way you can Dock the ARGO from the outside much more easily on the ODIN or on the Air-Drop Cart.

Major Update #1: (v 1273 23)
Added Compatibility with the new Attachments for the ARGO!
You can find them all in the ARGO's Compatible Equipment

Major Update #2: (v 129 2)
Redesigned the Pumping System: now the Airlock and Ballast can empty extremely fast at any depth!
Various other improvements to make the ARGO ready for the new Underwater Update.

Major Update #3: (v 131 2)
Redesigned the Propulsion System: now the ARGO goes twice as fast when deep underwater, by redirecting all the power from the Waterjets to the Rear Prop.
Also, now you can spawn the ARGO with the Docking Connectors already ON, so any Attachment you put under it will connect automatically. You can change this setting clicking on this Microcontroller
Various other small improvements.

Enjoy! Please consider leaving a Rating and a Comment. Feel free to write any Suggestions or Issues you might have in the comments below.