ASTR SHNTR for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download ASTR SHNTR mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

The content of the mod has been downloaded and repackaged without any changes from the original source. We are not responsible for technical problems of the game or mod, but we guarantee the absence of malicious code

Author: Serpentine

Size (unpacked): 1.200 MB

Updated: 3 May @ 12:09pm

Tags: Vehicle Exploration Delivery Technical Mechanical Advanced Land v1.4.17

Cutting edge new era heavy shunting locomotive

  • TCP-Compatibility
  • Luxurious angular design
  • Modern user interface with light and dark mode
  • RC-Mode
  • Smart traction control
  • Compact engine design
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency as low as 0.15L/s
  • Gull-Wing engine bay doors
  • Advanced cooling and exhaust systems

  • Turn on Main Electric
  • Turn on Engine Switch
  • Sit in the desired driving direction
  • Request master

  • Set RC-Frequency
  • Toggle RC-Mode
  • Set the remote to the right frequency (default keybind is b key)
  • Press 1 on the remote to make it master
  • Control with W/S

Track Switching:
  • Set Switch Frequency (default switches use 440)
  • Press Track Switch button
  • Enjoy going another direction

Yard Mode:
This is a lighting mode that enables flashing of the red lightbar in both directions to show that the SHNTR is stationary or moving very slowly.

  • All units are in metric.
  • Infinite Electricity will break the horn (constantly activating it).
    Please refrain from using Infinite Electricity since it breaks many creations
  • Infinite Fuel will break the engine. Please refrain from using Infinite Fuel.

  • Idea, Overall, Exterior & Interior Design, UI, Logic: Serpentine
  • Release Trailer, Modular Engine Design, TCP-Implementation: Olli
  • Credit to this awesome person for helping me with the animated thumbnail.

Do not use the ASTR Brand as part of your creations or reupload any creations from ASTR.

Thanks for choosing ASTR