"BFT" 72000 Litre Bulk Fuel Trailer (SIBTaT Compatible) for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download "BFT" 72000 Litre Bulk Fuel Trailer (SIBTaT Compatible) mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: eggroll.Source

Size (unpacked): 0.723 MB

Updated: 20 Oct @ 6:59pm

Tags: Vehicle Delivery Technical Creative Mechanical Advanced Land Subassembly v1.6.2

Required mods: "HATT" Heavy All-Terrain Tractor (SIBTaT Compatible)
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Please report any issues with a detailed description and I will try to fix them.

Wikipedia Entry
The EPS Bulk Fuel Trailer (BFT) is a 53-foot, 72,000-litre capacity semi-trailer designed by EPS Motor Works for military use.

Getting Started
It is highly, highly recommended to use the HATT tractor unit to pull this when fully loaded. The fluid mass is nothing to scoff at, don't even try using a truck without XML'd wheels to move the Big F*cking Trailer. An entire middle eastern country's oil could fit in this thing.
  1. Load the trailer in the workbench like you would any other SIBTaT trailer. It spawns all five internal tanks with diesel. You can obviously change this. You also don't need to spawn it with a truck (but why?)
  2. The trailer should connect to a truck automatically if there is one. The composite and electrical cables specified by the SIBTaT standard are not needed as all data is read through the fifth wheel connector.
  3. To fill or empty the trailer, use the pump controls on the right side. See the section below for how to use them.
  4. When detaching from a truck, the trailer will automatically stand itself. When connecting to one, it will retract its falling paws automatically.

Pump Controls
There are some instructions printed on signs to guide you, but I'll explain how to use them here:
  • The master pump control is red, and the non-master controls are dark gray.
  • Each hose anchor corresponds to one of the five internal tanks (numbered along the frame of the trailer).
  • You can fill the trailer with different fluid types, but not within each tank section (ie, tank 1 can be jet fuel and tank 2 can be seawater, but tank 1 cannot be both jet fuel and seawater because Stormworks.)
  • The master pump has access to all internal tanks, and is used to fill/drain the same fluid type conveniently. Each non-master pump can only fill/drain its respective section.
  • All pumps can pump in (designated by an i on their respective seven-segment display) and out (an o on the display).
  • The fluid connectors on top of the trailer have no pumps or controls.

This is the first (and likely the only) trailer for the HATT truck. Please tell me if the Japanese warning text is incorrect, I'm still learning.

Eastern Precision Systems Motor Works ("the Company") reserves all intellectual property rights over the Bulk Fuel Trailer ("the Equipment"). Unless otherwise stated, unlicensed sale of the Equipment or redistribution of any of the Equipment's components is strictly against the Company's Arms Marketing Agreement.