Boeing 314 Yankee Clipper for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Thales

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Updated: 21 Feb, 2021 @ 2:00am

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Sea Exploration Delivery Creative Advanced v1.1.3

Boeing 314 Yankee Clipper (1:1 Scale)

New Water Bomber variant of the Boeing 314:

The Boeing clipper is widely regarded at the summit of flying boat technology. It inaugurated the world’s first transatlantic heavier-than-air service, and carried passengers and cargo around the globe in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Large, luxurious, and reliable the B-314 made intercontinental passenger airline service a practical reality.


Flight Performance and Stability
- Buoyancy helper system to not sink deep in to water
- Sponsons instead of more common pontoons at the lower mid fuselage give lift as an airfoil, stability on water, secondary fuel tank and stepping stone for passengers that made their entry to the aircraft
- Asymmetric propeller feathering for rotating left and right in water taxi without needing to move forward
- Prop tilt, hidden water flaps and fluid jet for better handling of high drag of water
- Reverse mode in water taxi using propeller feathering
- Auto prop pitch neutralization system to prevent dive deep in to water
- Auto roll stability system on water to prevent accidents caused by wingtips dive in to water
- RPM based throttle control with boost (gear change) mode providing high thrust when taking off and fuel efficiency in the air for longer range
- Roll motion will give a slight yaw (simulated) because of dihedral of wings
- Flaps for slow landing
- Slow stall speed (90mph) and high lift capable wings
- Pitch and Rudder trims to fine tune pitch and yaw

- Two pilot seats that can fly the airplane
- Spacious flight deck with stations for flight engineer, radio operator, navigator and captain
- Good cockpit visibility and adjustable pilot seat heights
- Auxiliary engine panel in the forward bilge crawlway
- Fuel consumption, low fuel and max range indicators
- Efficient electric generator, auto turning off when battery is full and reserve batteries
- Altitude Hold
- GPS Autopilot from Tajin
- Navigation Map from Tajin
- Old style radio with separate transmit and receive frequencies and antennas
- Throttle and prop pitch indicators on the pilots' side
- Engine fire extinguishers and bilge pumps in engineer's station
- Electric panel in captain's station
- EMP Autostart will restart the engines if they were shut down by a lightning strike in the air
- Turn & Slip indicator shows angular (yaw) speed of the plane
- Radar altimeter shows altitude of terrain

- Bow compartment for crew, anchor and diving equipments, access to under fuselage bilge compartments and auxiliary engines
- Flight deck with 7 seats for the crew
- Wings have accessible compartments for maintenance of engines, batteries, fuel and water tanks and landing lights.
- Cargo hold with inventories behind the flight deck, including observation turret and cargo hatch
- Crew quarters behind the cargo hold
- Baggage compartments behind the crew quarters
- Galley and separate toilets for men and women
- Eight luxurious passenger compartments including dining lounge, beds (night mode), delux suite, each having lights and heaters

0. You can spawn it at any large dock area, because wings are folded at the start.
1. Magnetos 1-2-3-4 ON
2. Starters 1-2-3-4 (No need to hold)
3. Instrument lights (Optional)
4. Unfold wing (won't unfold if something blocks it)
5. Throttle increase (UP key)

Note1: If your CPU is weak I recommend dock at Isle of Donkk gives best physics FPS at spawn.
Note2: Auxiliary engines are powering the buoyanch helper propellers when on water, electric generators and fluid jet on takeoff.

Crew : 11 (550 mass) Capacity : 65 passengers (3250 mass) Fuel capacity : 11500 US gal (or 43500 L) diesel (8700 mass) Water tanks : 200 US gal (or 750 L) water (75 mass) Empty weight : 21662 mass Gross weight : 34237 mass Wing area* : 2044.8 r.s.a Wing loading : 16.74 mass/r.s.a Length : 32.25 m Wingspan : 46.25 m Height : 7.75 m Powerplant : 8-medium diesel engines for tractor propellers (2 for each propeller), 4-medium diesel engines as auxiliary power Maximum speed : 204 mph (or 328 km/h) Cruise speed : 140 mph (or 226 km/h (throttle at 100%) Climb : 3400 ft/min with altitude hold enabled Range : 1200 miles (or 1900km) with cruise speed of 140 mph (or 226 km/h) 100 miles (or 160km) with max speed of 204 mph (or 328 km/h) * Wing area is rudder_surface_area (r.s.a) of total horizontal wings and control surfaces data in ..\Stormworks\rom\data\definitions. Sub-grid wings contribute less.

- GPS Autopilot:
- Navigation Map:
- Tajin's PNG to XML Paint tool:
- TheDrafter's Fuel cons. calculator:

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