CR - 101 Automatic Chaff System for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: NSTI_Crystal_

Size (unpacked): 0.244 MB

Updated: 11 Dec @ 12:25pm

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Sea Technical Advanced Land v1.6.9 Weapons

This is my larger Automatic Chaff built.

It has the same effective range of 1.250m = 1.25km than my CR - 201.
The trigger mechanism has following requirements,

Target closer than 1.25km
Radar signal locked on longer than 0.6 s

if those are fulfilled, chaff dispenses.

It comes with a 25m tolerance space, which means it wont react to anything closer than 25m.

It wont be triggered from swiping Radars since the standard swiping speed is faster
than the 0.6s the Chaff waits till deployment.

It has 18 Countermeasures facing the to the front & back of the CR - 101

It's quite larger than my CR-201 , but in comparison to the Countermeasures it's 3x the Chaff and only like double the size.
I tried to make the CR-101 as compact and nice looking as i could.

You can use my built in any of your's,
but please, be kind and leave credit in form of a link upon uploading it to Workshop. <3
Example link : CR-101

If you guys experience any bugs, please let me know.
You're missing a feature or have having some trouble? Let me know!
I'm not the best at creating stuff in this game, but i want to improve ! So getting feedback is essential for me.