D-82 Cyclone Guided Missile Destroyer for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: RootinTootinCowboy

Size (unpacked): 22.845 MB

Updated: 13 Feb, 2022 @ 10:49am

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Sea Technical Mechanical Advanced Multi-vehicle Weapons Subassembly v1.4.6


Newquay Maritime Naval Branch Collection


The D-82 Cyclone is the lead ship in the Cyclone class guided missile destroyers and comprise the bulk of the Newquay deepwater fleet with 35 ships in the class. When the need for an all around destroyer with the ability to easily be upgraded came up, Newquay Naval Branch consulted with American shipbuilder Winslow Marine (builders of the Kinkaid class for the US Navy). The product of this cooperation was the Flight 1 Cyclone (D-82), and entirely new weapon system and fire control system. Equipped with 6'' Enforcer naval gun, long range cruise missiles, supersonic surface to air missiles, and a soft kill missile defense system. The Cyclone is a formidable warship capable of fulfilling a multitude of roles.

Despite her age the Cyclone has proven its ability to keep up with advancements in naval technology. D-82 was retrofited with a small hangar to accommodate a UVH-285 drone.

- Engine Start is on the bridge (yellow panel on the left wall)
- All Primary weapons are controlled from CIC one deck below

- 1 Bow mounted L155/47 "Enforcer"
- 2 L15/105M "Cobra"
- 5 7.62mm Machine Guns
- 4 BGIM-25A "Barracuda"
- 1 UVH-285

Drone Usage

-Ensure the drone is out on the flight deck and unfolded
-Ensure drone is disconnected from the deck using the panel in the hangar
-(In CIC) turn on drone power and takeoff
-The drone features both a cruise and hover mode, alt hold, and gps autopilot
-Once on station you can send the GPS coordinates by pressing send gps
-This will send target information to the BGIM-25 when that panel is switched to "laser designator"
-Missile will now have target coordinates and is ready to fire.

- NJ for the front displays
- Zizo for the radar display
- Oh No Look Who for the L15M, machine guns and general help
- Sebastiaz for the L40/44, UVH-285, and Decorations
- Diesels by Kahrstrom
- If I missed something let me know in the comments