H.S.F. "MANGET" Mk.II Unlimited range VTOL for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download H.S.F. "MANGET" Mk.II Unlimited range VTOL mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Higi

Size (unpacked): 2.136 MB

Updated: 30 Nov @ 12:54pm

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Exploration Advanced Multi-vehicle v1.6.8

Fictional high tech VTOL | CTOL H.S.F "Manget" Mk.II


General characteristics

• Crew: 2 Pilot, Co-Pilot
• Passenger capacity: 12 seats, 2 medical beds
• Length: 20.25 m (82 ft 10.0 in)
• Width: 19.90 m (65 ft 3.5 in)
• Height: 7.25 m (23 ft 9.4 in)
• Empty weight: 23,597 kg (52,022.5 lb)
• Powerplant: TNR500 kw
• Thrusters: 3x H.P.S. - EPJT002 "Quasar-MINI" Electric Plasma Jet Thruster 250 kN


• Maximum speed, CTOL: 1,350 kmph (838.85 mph)
• Maximum speed, VTOL: 120 kmph (74.56 mph)
• Range: unlimited
• Service ceiling: 9,500 m (31168 ft)
• Rate of climb, CTOL: 45 mps (8,820 fpm)
• Rate of climb, VTOL: 10 mps (1,968 fpm)
• Stall speed, VTOL: 250 kmph (155.34 mph)

Notes and tips

To open doors from the outside use levers, they can be accessed by hand
Main electrical switch or MES turns on critical systems, required for normal operation
Secondary electrical switch or SES turns on non-critical systems, it is not mandatory to toggle. Powers systems like AC, heater, lights and so on
You can toggle battery power off when reactor providing power to the vehicle, however it is recomended to leave battery on, that way you won't loose all power imideatly in case of unscegual reactor shutdown
Fire alarm is always off, until devs fix heat probes, however you can still extinguish fire manually
Main flight controller armored and can take any projectiles from hand weapons, machineguns, and light autocannon (for the last exception is armor piercing ammo). If damaged, it will try to reboot if reboot is in standby, or it can be rebooted manually. It will indicate if it's failed to
You can take off and land in CTOL mode, however it is not recommended

Start-up procedure

Cold and dark check-list

1. Parking brakes set to ON
2. Landing gear lever in down position (1.00)
3. Vehicle in VTOL mode
4. Throttle lever in idle position (0.00)

Power up

1. Set Main Electrical Switch (MES) to ON
2. Make sure voltage on the main battery is above 12 volts
• if main battery low, then switch to auxiliary battery
• if both batteries low, use external charging inlet to restore charge
2. Set Reactor switch to ON
3. Once Reactor at full power switch Reactor bus to ON
4. Set Secondary Electrical Switch (SES) to ON
5. Set Engines bus to ON
6. Toggle Beacon lights to ON
7. Set all 3 Engines Start buttons to ON


1. Set Avionics switch to ON
2. Turn ON primary displays
3. Toggle Navigation light to ON
4. Toggle Wingtip strobe lights to ON
5. Release parking brakes

Now you can taxi to your take off position using W/S to go forward/backward and left/right for steering

Take off easy mode

1. Set LIDAR switch to ON
2. Set LIDAR in AUTO
3. Turn ON Auto Flight System (AFS)
4. Set AFS to ALT hold and V/S hold
5. Turn ON GYRO
6. Set Landing gear lever to up position (-1.00)

Take off normal mode

1. Set LIDAR switch to ON
2. Set LIDAR in AUTO
3. Turn ON GYRO
4. Use up/down to gain altitude
5. Set Landing gear lever to up position (-1.00)

You can use inertia dampener (hotkey 1) to counteract wind. It is not recommended to take-off in winds above 25 mps

Switching to CTOL mode easy mode

1. Toggle warnings (hotkey 2)
2. Set AFS to A THR, ALT hold and V/S hold
3. Switch vehicle mode (hotkey 3)

Switching to CTOL mode normal mode

1. Toggle warnings (hotkey 2)
2. Increase throttle to minimum of 0.25
3. Switch vehicle mode (hotkey 3)

When in airborn CTOL mode, use trim to stabilize roll
It is prohibited to switch to VTOL mode at speeds above 400 kmph

Peace \/