Hughes XF-11 for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Mia

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Updated: 1 Dec @ 6:23am

Tags: Vehicle Air Exploration Technical Advanced Multi-vehicle Land Weapons v1.6.8

Hughes XF-11

History: The XF-11 was designed off of the Hughes D-2 design in 1946, it was originally built completely out of Duramold wood. Due to the USAF not taking a liking to wooden aircraft (Due to their lack of durability and also tendency to burn easily) Howard Hughes would end up changing it to a surveillance aircraft and would later end up removing most of the Duramold construction in it. In 1946 on its maiden flight would crash due to Howard Hughes flying the XF-11 too long as there was a leak in the right side propeller hub, making the propeller pitch back to negative pitch while flying over Beverly Hills, he would end up crashing straight into three houses and destroying and burning down the third. A second prototype was built and ended up changing out the propeller type. The XF-11 would be stricken from USAF inventory in 1949 and scrapped.


Crew: 2 (Only 1 due to difficulty building the navigators compartment)
Armament: 4x 20mm Cannons 4x Hardpoints 1x Surveillance camera
Powerplant: 2x Pratt & Whitney R-4360-31 Wasp Major powering 8 bladed Hamilton Standard contra-rotating propellers

Note: The nose gear can get stuck in the landing gear bay at random, there is no sign of it happening and honestly you might just want to belly land at that point.