INDUSTRIAL OIL FIELDS for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Mr. Wide Vane

Size (unpacked): 2.681 MB

Updated: 22 Oct @ 10:42am

Tags: Environment Mod v1.6.2

This environmental mod adds oil fields around arid island. Crude oil can be pump from drilling sites and sell with profit.

Currently included in this addon (more drilling sites are coming if oil boom intensifies):

-Enzo plains oil field-

An old and abandoned oil well. There may still be some oil left but site experienced major damage made by great tornado outbreak in 1911. Covers three operational drilling sites located next to the railroad. Pumping is done with a steam engines.

How to locate?

Drilling site is located northwest of the Enzo kats village. Just follow the railroad north.

-Steamgrove & co. drilling site-

Steamgrove drilling company started operations in this remote location but eventually faced financial difficulties and drilling had to be stopped. According to rumors, the company was very close to finding oil.

How to locate?

Drilling site is located in the middle of desert between Enzo kats village and Moneky brain launch site.