J-105B Dagger Fighter-Interceptor for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Sid V

Size (unpacked): 0.974 MB

Updated: 19 Feb, 2022 @ 3:02pm

Tags: Vehicle Air Exploration Delivery Technical Creative Advanced Wip Weapons v1.4.7

Newquay Maritime Naval Branch Collection
Newquay Weapons Pack

The J-105 Dagger is a single seat Fighter-Interceptor. Newquay Maritime Designed the new fighter after a realization for a fast, lightweight fighter was needed to combat enemy jets. The J-105 was born. Its top speed was remarkable, at 432knots in a line. The efficiency was thanks to a SNCASO SV-11 Jet engine, designed to provide maximum thrust for its size. Its prototype had troubles turning, so forward mounted canards were mounted to improve turn-rate, while improving stability. Twin Viper L30M cannons hold 100 rounds, however its Air to Air armament was limited by its landing gear size.


- Flip the "Fuel pump switch" on the left side of the cockpit
- Turn on the Enable Engine Switch
- Use throttle to control aircraft (1.0+ throttle is afterburner)


- Maximum Speed: 226m/s (814 Km/h)
- Stall Speed: 63m/s(224 Km/h)
- Range with afterburner: 80km
- Range at full throttle: 120km

- L30M Viper Autocannons
- 5 Pylons
- 5km Range AESA Radar
- 5 Screen Multi Use MFD
(Pylons 2 and 3 contain the Video inputs for the MFD screen 4 and 5)
- 10 Flares


- FN-20 for the radar.
- Sky for the PFD and Flight Controls.
- Sebastiaz for the Thumbnail and being cool.
- Pols for the MFD and Lua needed for it to work.
- I do not remember who made the map, but Thank you as well.


- Vastly Improved pylon selector system
- Increased top speed from 800kmh to 814kmh
- Slightly increased range