KX-95 Cormorant - Amphibious STOL for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: krail

Size (unpacked): 1.473 MB

Updated: 8 Mar, 2019 @ 5:09am

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Sea Exploration Advanced HOTAS v0.6.2

The Cormorant is a large craft designed for search and rescue, exploration missions and light cargo duty. It is fully amphibious, with both land and sea takeoffs/landings, with tilting engines for STOL operations.

With a cruising range of nearly 100km, it is more than capable of arctic zone exploration, but it also includes a secondary fuel tank which can be filled to double its range on long missions.

Standard flight mode uses direct controls and flies great with HOTAS, but altitude and bearing holding autopilot is included.

  • Propulsion: 4x Aircraft Diesel
  • Fuel: ~3000L standard tank - 100km range (6000L with extended tank)
  • Speed: Maximum range cruise speed 60m/s (115kn), max speed 80m/s (155kn)


Fly at about 60% throttle to maximise range and fuel efficiency

Turnkey in cockpit toggles engines, and the throttle lever has clutch control built in.

For water take-offs, ensure STOL mode is active and pitch upwards at full throttle. STOL mode will also help with short runways.

For extended range, locate the fluid spawner beneath the passenger area, and switch it to diesel - or simply fuel the secondary tank from the bowser after spawning. Note that with both tanks full, the side doors may let in too much water when landed, and you may need to use the top hatch.