Los Angeles class submarine for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Temp.sgk

Size (unpacked): 4.023 MB

Updated: 21 Jan, 2019 @ 12:59pm

Tags: Vehicle Rescue Exploration Delivery Technical Creative Mechanical Underwater v0.5.17

The Los Angeles class submarine. The successor to the Sturgeon class submarine in the workshop.

General Features:
-Double Decks
-Full interior
-Cargo bay for five 7x7 crates
-3 Fully rotatable spotlights
-All control surfaces work
-Have Sonar, Ballast and driver stations at the front.
-All buttons labelled

W/S= pitch
A/D= Turn left/right
-Click on the stabiliser button when moving at slow speeds to ensure the nose stays upright.

-Click on Boosted controls button for easier controlling of the sub

-Neutral buoyancy is shown in the gauges, use neutral buoyancy at very slow speeds, and fill ballast at high speeds.

-If the sub is flooded, head down to the lower deck and activate the emergency drainage system.

-Use The Ballast for depth control, fill ballast to dive, and blow ballast to surface. Use Ballast controls over control surfaces at slow speeds to control depth and ensure stabilisation is ON.

Updated for 1.18, had to fix all the props. Also improved controls, with improved stabilisation system and manual controls. Click on the "manual controls" button to activate controlling via WASD.

Updated for 1.27 : Fixed throttle levers, Added auto closing hatches ensuring flooding risk is lowered and boosted controls set to default on.

Updated for 5.17: Implemented automatic ballast depth control version 3 Beta version. Also fixed ballast and the rear cargo door can now open and close.
Don't re-upload without my permission or upload custom versions of the sub.

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