New City Of Calais (Phoenix) for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Rainbow_Trinite

Size (unpacked): 17.621 MB

Updated: 5 Dec, 2018 @ 12:20am

Tags: Vehicle Sea Delivery Technical Creative Advanced Multi-vehicle Wip v0.4.51

8 months ago I posted my first ship on the workshop the City Of Calais and now after all. The City Of Calais has known in the past some success. But today he is getting old. So I decided to produce a new version of the City Of Calais and here it is !

-This oil tanker carried a total of 600 000 L of fuel contained in 8 double tanks and a main tank for the engine. Each tank can be filled or emptied independently.
-There you would find 2 engine room. who produce electricity for the ship and and allow the 2 large electric motor to propel this massive tanker.
-Due to the weight and size of the ship its speed is modest and it moves to 8m / s, But think of the profits you get from selling 470,000L of fuel.
-The boat offers all the comforts you need. 6 beds to play with all your friends. A kitchen, showers, a medical bay ect ...
-The boat is equipped with an alarm that activates if there is a hole in the hull of the ship giving you time to join the 2 lifeboats or 2 boys to survive.
-You would find a calculator to know the value of your loading in real time.
-It also has an automatic light system so that the boat is always visible whatever the weather.
-At the front of the ship you can find a switchboard to cut the choice of 4 independent electric circuit of the ship.
-But also a fire extinguisher
-the boat also has a water cannon if you ever want to extinguish the fires of another ship
-The boat is compatible with advanced modes and fuel limited.

To start the ships: go in the highest bridge and activate the city breaker, then just to the right of the breaker circuit it is necessary to activate the generators (1 is enough but I advise to switch on the 4)
to switch them on, push the throttles and turn the keys.
then simply press the button to start the electric motors to the right of the seat.

To fill it you must connect one of the 4 pipes clicked on "pump to hose" on the crane board you connected. Then click on the "pump in" button (just behind the pipe system) Then you have to enter the boat and select the tanks to fill by pressing the buttons on them.

A big thank you to all the following creators :

WH1T3_No1SE for buoy / extinguisher and painting

Nanster for Gun

Tajin for Windsmeter

And me for the first City Of Calais :

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