NordahlLunden ARH-6 Magpie Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: MrEarth

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Updated: 5 Jun @ 10:07am

Tags: Vehicle Air Exploration Technical Creative Mechanical Advanced Weapons v1.5.1

Newquay Armed Forces Collection
Newquay Weapons Pack
NordhalLunden SE


The RH-6 "Magpie" Armed Reconaissance Helicopter, built by NordahlLunden, is a small and fast scouting helicopter, capable of deploying and supporting both Special Operations Forces and Air Cavalry Troops, alongside other Newquay Helicopters. The RH-6 was the result of the need for a helicopter that could quickly reposition small groups of troops, and operate in confined spaces, something the larger AW260 "Gryphon" and AW280 "Vulture" were too large to do, especially in urban environments. With an internal passenger carrying capability of 4, and the ability for another 4 men to sit facing outwards, the RH-6 provided the perfect combination of speed, agility, and passenger capacity to move an entire Special Forces Section in only minutes. Additionally the aircraft has been taken up by JTAC Infantry teams to provide a means of quickly repositioning to call in airstrikes and missile strikes, and as a Light CASEVAC aircraft for non-life threatening injuries, although it has been known to fly critical casualties when no other asset has been available, where its speed has been greatly appreciated. The RH-6 is also capable of mounting two weapons pylons, in this role unofficially regarded as the ARH-6, the helicopter loses its 4 door passenger seats in favour of up to 4 BGM-6 Air-Ground Missiles, giving it a potent Anti-Tank capability, which sees particular effective use when operating alongside Mechanised Infantry Regiments.


1 >> Main Battery and Engine Switches, Top Left, Above Head
2 >> NAV, ANTI-COL and Other Lights(Optional), Top Left, Above Head
3 >> Turn on Avionics and Monitors, Front Panel, Bottom Right


The Magpie is able to carry and utilize all Newquay weaponry from this collection , however, high mass payloads are not advised.


> 170KPH Top Speed
> 900KM+ Range (No Payload)
> 400-600KM Range(Loaded)
> Highly Manueverable Airframe
> 2 Hardpoints for NQAF Weaponry


>>Uran_Wind for the ZE Flight Controller

>>WH1T3_No1SE for Radio

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Enjoy :D