NordahlLunden M3A1 Knight - Infantry Carrier Vehicle for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download NordahlLunden M3A1 Knight - Infantry Carrier Vehicle mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Keh

Size (unpacked): 0.939 MB

Updated: 22 Sep @ 8:48am

Tags: Vehicle Sea Exploration Delivery Technical Mechanical Advanced Land Weapons v1.5.14

Newquay Armed Forces Collection
NordahlLunden SE Collection

The M3A1 "Knight" ICV (Infantry Carrier Vehicle) is a wheeled, armoured infantry transport vehicle, designed to carry 9 infantry both on land, and from amphibious warfare assets to shore. After the adoption of the M3A0 by Newquay Army and Marines and subsequent combat deployments some minor shortcomings were indentified. These reports prompted the development of the A1 upgrade package to the Knight. The A1 upgrade package introduces a new version of the L20/88 RCWS with new optics and major imprvoments to the stabiliser and fire control systems. The package also introduced a new upgraded version of the active protection system and a major overhaul to the electronic warfare suite.

The M3A1 is utilised extensivly by the 5th Battalion, 3rd Regiment ("Sovereign Sentries") of the Newquay Marine Corps. The battalion has severed extensively alongside of the 2nd Armoured Battalion of the Marine Corps. Providing an infantry support role to the Newquay operations in the Ostlean civil war.

  1. Flick the yellow MAIN POWER BREAKER on the left side of the seat.
  2. Turn the IGNITION key on the right side of the seat.
  3. Throttle up using W/S and shift up from neutral using UP/DOWN once engine reaches around 450 RPM.
  1. To use the RCWS flick the RCWS and ARM RCWS switches.
  2. To use the softkill APS flick the ARM SOFTKILL APS switch.

  • Crew of two. Commander and Driver
  • Nine dismounts
  • Softkill APS
  • Twin axis stabilisation
  • CBRN Protection
  • Amphibious capability
  • 8x8 AWD
  • Electronic warfare suite

  • Crew, Commander, Driver
  • Capacity, 2+9

  • Length, 8.5m
  • Width, 3.75m
  • Height, 3.5m/5m*

  • Unit cost, 101481$

  • Dry mass, 3916kg
  • Fuel capacity, 2314l/427kg

  • Maximum speed, 105kph/11kph**
  • Endurance, ~2.3 hours

  • PU, NLP D1F12S
  • PU power, 1010hp/753kw***
*With antenna **In water ***@720RPM

  • ECU by Uran_Wind
  • Map, modified by Buunuu
  • Ballistic calulator by Shairo-jp
  • Water stabilisation system by qwop
    Also special thanks to Oh No Look Who for helping with the banner.
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