Ore harvester "Tick" for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Metal_Burner

Size (unpacked): 0.779 MB

Updated: 12 Nov @ 5:29am

Tags: Vehicle Delivery Advanced Land v1.6.7

The Tick is a sci-fi-ish ore harvester.
The cargo hold can hold 1890 minerals, and the drillhead can hold 180 minerals.
It's an easy to use for one man harvesting operations.

How to use:
- Drive to the desired ore type.
- Lower/raise the mining arm to the ore height. -Activate drills by pressing "3".
- The drills will automatically shut off when full, then press "2" to empty the drills ( drills don't have to be full to empty them).
- Wait for the drills returning to their possition.
- Repeat.
- Drive to a dump place, and press "2" to dump the minerals (the cargo hold will lower and a hatch at the back will open)

Known issue's:
-After alot of steering, the vehicle tries to keep rotating to one side, i really don't know if it's an bug in my controller or if it's an game bug. The quick solution now is, get out of the seat and get back in.
The info panel is made by bumblemert

and as always:
Please do NOT reupload in any form without my permission.


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