Orion Class Mk VI (0.4.5fix) for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download Orion Class Mk VI (0.4.5fix) mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: RedParadize

Size (unpacked): 3.517 MB

Updated: 26 Sep, 2018 @ 6:07pm

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Sea Exploration Delivery Technical Fire Mechanical Multi-vehicle Wip v0.4.5

The video presentation have been made by Rubbed Duck. All credit goes to him!


Imagine the Pegasus, but bigger and better. The Poseidon, but without lag. I am glad to present you my most advanced creation so far: the Orion. While there is still many feature left to implement, most of what I want is functional.

  • Crew/passenger: up to 3 crew seat, 14 guess, 7 bed, 2 medical bed. (26 total)
  • Speed: Displacement 26 m/s - Hydrofoil 63 m/s in winds under 50%
  • Carrying capacity: 2 ISO 20ft or 4 10ft container. 4 UDS, 1 Large Connector.
  • Operating craft: Peregrine/Cab/Flatbed and larger

Notable feature:
  • Medium load crane:
    Up to 5k units at all crane angle. Require Active Stabilization to lift heavy charge.

  • Active Stabilization mechanism:
    Can be turned on/off and power can be adjusted. Also serve as a righting mechanism when capsized.

  • Scuttle system:
    You will love the experience!

  • Automatic Door Sealing:
    Will seal and lock every compartement when ship is in danger of sinking.

  • Cruise throttle:
    Use this with Autopilot and ship will take care of itself!

  • Autopilot:
    Tested over 60km and ship do not deviate from its path regardless of winds. Autopilot do not overide control and will detect manual correction and set new course.

  • Anti-Flip mechanism:
    Because failing is always a possiblity. This system will trottle down max power in order to prevent flipping.

  • Automated Hydrofoil configuration:
    Set desired ride high to wind condition and forget about it!

    It have a water canon, a winch and a spotlight. Will follow the Orion on its own under 25m/s.

  • Water Canon:
    Working until the next patch!.

Other user manual coming soon

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