Pegasus Class Mk XI (0.4.5fix) for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: RedParadize

Size (unpacked): 1.667 MB

Updated: 26 Sep, 2018 @ 6:11pm

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Sea Exploration Delivery Technical Fire Mechanical Multi-vehicle Wip v0.4.5

Upgrade: Pegasus Hydrofoil now use the same system that can be found on Orion


The Poseidon was my first real attempt at creating a advanced ship. It was on many aspect flawed. The Pegasus, its smaller brother, benefited from everything I learned and represent a massive improvement almost every aspect. Except size obviously. It is about 40% shorter and not even 25% in volume. But the most important improvement for me is that Pegasus do not lag at all.

  • Crew/passenger: up to 4 crew, 3 guess, 2 bed, 1 medical bed. (10 total)
  • Speed: 26 m/s - 53 m/s (standard hydrofoil) 65 m/s (tweaked settings)
  • Carrying capacity: Light (mostly untested )
  • Operating craft: Peregrine/Cab or smaller.

  • Light Load crane
  • Scuttle system
  • Cruise trottle
  • Self Steering

Work in multiplayer
It does, but multiplayer is... buggy. Expect to have failure over time.


Full stop the Pegasus turn on itself and radius progressively adjusted as it speed up. The ship is stable at all speed under 53m/s. By default it is limited to that, but can be increased to 65m/s by tweaking various controls. Be warned that depending on weight, wind direction and even lag it may become unstable above 58m/s.

How to tame the winged horse:

The Pegasus now maintain stability on its own. Leaving you with just the Engine Limiter and ride height to focus on. Basicaly, by default it will go 55m/s. With trottle limiter to its max it will go at 62m/s. While it is no more dangerous to go full speed, above 40% wind you will acheive better performance by trottling Engine Limiter down.

  • Engine limiter. By default it is set at 90%. Reducing max power is the easiest way to prevent flipping. Increasing it may result in flipping during acceleration or when going against the wind.

  • Bow hydrofoil Ride height: Higher will make you go faster, lowered it will prevent ship from jumping in bad weather. If set correctly bow hydrofoil will cut trough wave.

  • Stern hydrofoil pitch: Higher will make you go faster, can be lowered to prevent propeller to get out of water in bad weather (sudent nose dive).

  • Active down force: Increase when bow go too mutch

    How to flip back up

    It now does it on its own.

    The Drone:

    I quickly realized that Poseidon Water canon solution would not be enough. So I came up with this firefighting drone instead. Originally it had a leach, but I think it much more fun that way. The drone will follow you up everywhere you go provided that you do not exceed about 20m/s. It come with few limitation trough. First, it doesn't swim. If it fall in water it may not be able to get back in the air. Secondly it will always look toward the south. Control are mapped accordingly.

    The Crane and winch:

    The crane is powerful enough to lift the ship itself. Obviously, the ship is small, capsize is a risk. Crane and winch are by default locked and "stored", they can be unlocked from the crane itself or from the specialist seat. This is because the crane would move at top speed, it is highly recomended to always lock the crane after use. For the winch cable, well I was tired to see them bounce everywhere.

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