Plane Crash Emergency (Sealanding Crash) (Major Update) for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: BUG-MAN-FR

Size (unpacked): 2.366 MB

Updated: 27 Aug, 2019 @ 5:47pm

Tags: Rescue Fire Mission Large Boat Small Boat Plane Helicopter v0.8.18

Plane Crash Emergency
"Flight OSS117 announced a "Mayday" 5 minutes ago due to a critical engine failure. We have just lost its radar signal. He was probably forced to land in the ocean." This mission ask you to go to the last known position of flight OSS177 and see if there are passengers to save... Go fast, the plane can sink from one moment to another ! (He can really sink)

This playlist includes the following 2 missions :
- Plane Crash Emergency
- Plane Crash Emergency - Hardcore

Patch 1.1 - 1.2 :
Small corrections.
Now compatible with helicopters for rescue.
Minor changes in the side objective gameplay.
Size of the Flight Recorder reduce and additions of more handles.
New scenario step : Search area
Adding a "Hardcore" version (With more than 15 people to save, new lifeboat, etc)

1.3 Patch :
Small rework on plane's effect/visuals (Thx to the CatBox Strobe Microcontroller)
Patched the mission to be playable with the last update.

• Thanks to Redd Lizard who let me use his plane
• Thanks to I am MEAT FLUTE who let me use his ambulance !
• Boat and helicopter in the screenshots are by Tempsgk and Kopfman_2731

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You are free to re-use or modify my assets as long as I am quoted in credits.