RAH-220 Light Utility Helicopter for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Kamunist

Size (unpacked): 0.581 MB

Updated: 24 Oct @ 1:54am

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Exploration Advanced Wip Weapons v1.6.2

The RAH-220 is a light utility helicopter built and designed by RHIMCO. The RAH-220 is designed to be modular with plenty of options to modify it, with modifications including ground attack modes, naval warfare, and anti-submarine. This version is the most basic, with no weapons and only a winch on the bottom.

- Heavy lift capability
- 1 hour+ fuel
- 16x countermeasures, can be automatic or manual
- 84 knots cruise speed, 90 knots max speed
- Extremely modular
- 10 passengers

Start Up Procedure
All switches except throttle on top panel
- Main Breaker
- Avionics Breaker
- Engine Breaker

- Fuel Pumps
- Rotor Clutch
- Engine Ignition
- Throttle to MAX

Once engine RPS has reached ~16 helicopter is ready for flight.

Controls and Switchology

Neurovin - Mark II "PREDATOR" Radar Display

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