Redfox VTOL Mk.I for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download Redfox VTOL Mk.I mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Spider

Size (unpacked): 2.119 MB

Updated: 8 Aug, 2021 @ 10:49am

Tags: Vehicle Air Rescue Exploration Delivery Advanced v1.2.19

The Redfox VTOL Mk.I is the second multi-role VTOL in the Coast Guard / rescue response series. It is a smaller version of the Redhawk VTOL and all features are identical but more suited for lighter roles.

UPDATED - 9th August 2021

- Added air-to-air refueling boom! (See below for instructions).
- Minimum throttle set at 20 to slow down for aerial refueling.


1. Dual jet engines.
2. Altitude hold & Autopilot.
3. Rear cargo space.
4. Retractable landing gear.
5. Various winches for towing, lifting & rescue harness.
6. Stabilized gimbal camera.
7. Adjustable searchlight.
8. Radio communications & touchscreen map.
9. Flares for countermeasure or area illumination.
10. Air-to-air refueling boom.
11. Remote control for operating main & harness winches.
- Radio Channel : 7
- Main winch control : W/S
- Harness winch control : U/D


- Fuel : 21k liters (jet fuel)
- Top speed : 303 kph
- 2 crew, 8 passenger seats
- 1 medical bed


Basic Flight

1. Switch on overhead Main Power & Engine Starter.
2. Switch on Auto Hover.
3. Wait till RPM reaches RDY mode on MFD.
4. Release Wheel Brakes and press W to exit hangar (Down key for braking).
5. Press Up to lift off or use Set Altitude.
6. Fly off into the sunset.


a. Always take off and land vertically.
b. Autopilot will automatically engage airplane mode.
c. Engine throttle default is set to 40 RPS and is more than sufficient for normal operations. 45+ RPS will cause the aircraft to vibrate.
d. Stabilized gimbal will not work while landed.

Aerial Refueling

1. Locate aerial tanker on map (marked as Jet Fuel Gantry) and fly towards it.
2. Set altitude to 296.5m (Vertically aligns with basket).
3. Extend refuel boom (overhead console).
4. Tap (don't press) on 5 or 6 keys to increase or decrease throttle and get closer.
5. Once connected, set throttle to 21.10 to match speed (218.7 KPH).
6. Once fuel tank is full (21922 liters), release connector (overhead console) and continue mission.

Takes a few practices to connect but otherwise not that hard.


1. VTOL avionics system - Bumblemert
2. GPS Autopilot - Taijin
3. Artificial Horizon - Toriran
4. Fuel Range Calculator - Dead_Lemon
5. Emergency Beacon Finder - Cake
6. Radar - Jecki1379
7. Radio - Sheepdog

Please do not re-upload my creations under any circumstances. Making modifications to suite your own personal needs is fine but do not upload them to the workshop. It takes days, weeks and sometimes months to create a single ship or aircraft. Blatantly stealing someone else's work and uploading them as your own is NOT cool.