Scout Car - Half Life 2 for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: CruzerBlade 9369

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Updated: 10 Nov @ 1:52am

Tags: Vehicle Rescue Exploration Delivery Technical Creative Mechanical Advanced Land Wip v1.6.6

"That's why I called you, Leon. I was hoping you still had the scout car we left with you last summer. The one my Dad rigged with the Tau Cannon."
―Alyx Vance, Half Life 2

The Scout Car, also known as the Buggy (internal name), is a scrappy, rough terrain vehicle used on the Coast by the Resistance in the game Half Life 2. It was probably used by individual Resistance members to scout enemy movements along the Coast.

In Stormworks, the Scout Car is an extremely capable offroad vehicle, able to reach speeds up to 130 km/h with excellent grip and stability, and extremely high damage resistance against collisions and rollovers. It is still equipped with a repair torch in case things get really out of hand.

Powerplant: Naturally aspirated W3 diesel engine
Transmission: Manual shift 4 speed drivetrain
Top speed: 130 km/h

Starting procedure
Turn the ignition key under the steering wheel, and you're ready to drive. WASD controls to drive and up/down to shift gears.

Drive safe and have fun!