S.N. Eritrea Class Escort Destroyer for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: Brave_slay

Size (unpacked): 3.251 MB

Updated: 4 Oct @ 4:39am

Tags: Vehicle Sea Advanced Weapons v1.5.16

To escort main forces and transport ships, the Segierian Navy needed an universal ship, capable of many tasks, the Eritrea class became the best candidate to that role. She is capabale of operating on the high seas and providing many defence abilities starting from Anti Aircraft to Anti Submarine warfare. In addition to it, she is capable of reaching the speed of 22 knots and great stability due to raised forecastle.

General Characteristics
Length - 52m.
Beam - 5m.
Draft - Less than 2m.

2x1 75mm Universal High Angle Naval Guns
4x1 16.5mm Machine Guns
4x2 533mm Torpedoes

Start Up
Enter the bridge, activate the pumps and press starter, use W/S or manual control to adjust Throttle and Clutch, set Clutch to 1 to start moving. Reverse can be toggled through button 1.
Torpedo Operation
To make torpedo tubes freely move and launch torpedoes the side walls must be lowered using switches on the aft funnel above refueling points on both sides. Torpedo control is on bridge.



Note: This is my first build for the Euranian War Project, I hope it is at least nearly the same quality as the other ships in project.