Spearhead: Heavy Fighter for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Here you can download Spearhead: Heavy Fighter mod for Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

The content of the mod has been downloaded and repackaged without any changes from the original source. We are not responsible for technical problems of the game or mod, but we guarantee the absence of malicious code

Author: IncendiaryMoose

Size (unpacked): 6.491 MB

Updated: 19 Nov @ 7:03pm

Tags: Vehicle Air Technical Advanced Wip Weapons v1.6.7

Requires Modded Workbench or Mission Spawning

  • 2 HAC turrets, loaded with alternating incendiary and high-explosive rounds
  • 20 Medium warhead remote guided missiles

  • Nuclear power
  • Autopilot
  • Automatic landing
  • Chaff
  • Flares
  • Self-repair system
  • Fire suppression system
  • Redundant sensors
  • Automatic targeting

Flight Controls:
  • W/S - throttle
    • Slider on the right-hand display for sticky throttle
  • A/D - steering
  • Up/Down - altitude control
  • Left/Right - strafe

  • 1 - Turn Key
  • 2 - Manual Chaff Launch (Hold for repeat)
  • 3 - Flare Launch (Hold for repeat)
  • 4 - Missile Launch (Aims for the user selected target)

Left-Hand Display:
  • ‘Dist’ - Distance above the ground, in meters
  • Camera view - Pointed downwards for landing

Right-Hand Display:
  • ‘Mag’ - Opens the reactor connection system, and enables the magnets
  • ‘Refill’ - Hold to inject water into the reactor if any is lost
  • ‘Reload’ - Press to initiate fuel rod replacement
    • Only functional if connected to a refill station (not included)
  • ‘Safe’ - Displays green if the reactor is safe to operate
  • ‘Ready’ - Displays green if the reactor is ready to operate
  • ‘Working’ - Displays green if the reactor is currently operating
  • ‘Temp’ - The temperature of the fuel rods
  • ‘Water’ - The amount of water in the reactor
  • ‘Main Gen’ - The power output of the main generator
    • Used for anything that is not a display
  • ‘Main Charge’ - The charge level of the main battery
  • ‘Sys Gen’ - The power output of the systems generator
    • Used for displays, lights, etc
  • ‘Sys Charge’ - The charge level of the systems battery

  • ‘AP’ - Engages autopilot to the input location
    • Input X, Y, and altitude on the keypads below
  • ‘INTK’ - Deploys the water scoops for refilling water reserves
    • Water is used for fire suppression and the reactor ‘Refill’ button.
  • ‘AMDR’ - Opens a door on the underside of the vehicle, used for refilling ammo
  • ‘AMCN’ - Toggles the connectors around the ammo door
  • ‘Throttle Hold’ - Sticky throttle
  • ‘Ammo - I’ - The amount of incendiary rounds in reserve
  • ‘Ammo - HE’ - The amount of high explosive rounds in reserve

Center Display:
  • ‘Zoom’ - Blue slider that controls the zoom level of the map view
  • ‘Friendly’, ‘Unknown’, ‘Hostile’ - The categories of targets on the map (Color corresponds to the color of the target)
    • ‘TRK’ - Enables tracking of the target category
      • Enabled categories will show up on the map
    • ‘ATK’ - Enables attacking the target category
      • Targets of enabled categories can be selected for missile lock
      • Turrets can fire at targets of enabled categories, triggered either by the pilot or automatically
  • ‘WLD’ - Manual activation for the repair system
  • ‘EXT’ - Manual activation for the fire suppression system
  • ‘CMBT’ - Engages combat mode
    • Chaff auto deploys when radar lock is detected
    • Max speed is reduced to prevent issues with the weapons systems
    • Turrets are enabled
    • Missile launch hotkey is enabled
    • Spacebar fires the turrets at the largest target of an ‘ATK’ enabled category
  • ‘AATK’ - Allows turrets to fire automatically
  • ‘Range’ - Orange slider that sets the radius that ‘AATK’ applies to
    • Targets of categories with ‘ATK’ enabled will be fired upon if within the inner red circle on the map
  • ‘MASS’ - Replaces target dots on the map with their assigned mass value
  • ‘SCRN’ - Tilts the display up/down
  • ‘DBG’ - Displays the vehicles recorded event log
  • ‘CAMS’ - Switches the display to camera operator mode
    • ‘CAM’ - Purple slider that sets the camera to view
      • From top to bottom:
        • Front view
        • Upper turret view
          • Also displays an overlay for the turrets current target (Location and lead angle)
        • Lower turret view
          • Also displays an overlay for the turrets current target (Location and lead angle)
        • Rear view
        • Reactor chamber view
    • ‘Zoom’ - Blue slider that controls the camera zoom
    • ‘IR’ - Enables night vision for all cameras

Startup Instructions:
  1. Entrance ramp behind the front landing gear
  2. Climb up the ladder to enter the cabin
  3. Wait for the reactor to warm up, and for power generation to begin
    • ‘Main Gen’ and ‘Sys Gen’ on the right-hand display
  4. Turn key overhead
  5. Press enable to begin startup
  6. Wait for the beeps to stop before using controls
  7. To land, hover above a suitable location, and then turn off the ‘enable’ button

Workbench Modding (Creative Island):
  1. In steam, right click stormworks, select properties, select local files, select browse.
  2. Open the folder labeled 'rom', then 'data', then 'tiles'.
  3. Locate the file 'island_15.xml'. Make a copy of this file in the event something goes wrong and you need to restore it. (You can also verify integrity of game files through steam to restore the original file)
  4. Open it with a text editor (notepad ++, vs code, etc).
  5. Locate the 'edit_areas' wrapper, and the first item in it should have an 'id' of 'hangar_edit'.
  6. Replace that edit area with the following code:
    • <edit_area id="hangar_edit" parent_id="" purchase_interactable_id="" seasonal_flags="0" grid_size="0" is_static="false" default_vehicle="" spawned_static_vehicle_id="0" is_invisible_vehicle="false">
      <transform 00="-0" 01="-0" 02="-1" 03="0" 10="0" 11="1" 12="-0" 13="0" 20="1" 21="0" 22="-0" 23="0" 30="-261.141724" 31="9.983086" 32="50.973915" 33="1"/>
      <size x="45" y="45" z="250"/>
  7. The creative island workbench should now be larger. This is only an example, offsets and other areas are also possible