SS Severn (Destructible) for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Author: GBDanny96

Size (unpacked): 13.054 MB

Updated: 9 Dec, 2019 @ 1:58am

Tags: Vehicle Sea Exploration Delivery Technical Creative Mechanical Advanced v0.9.17

Tramp steamer SS Severn

An old and reliable steamer, the SS Severn is a common sigh in port, picking up whatever cargo she can get her hands on. Those on board can be in for a rough ride however as she is no luxury yacht for sure.

10 knot top speed
2 electric lifeboats
6 life rings
Tajin GPS autopilot
Working anchors
26,244 cubic metre cargo hold
2 cargo cranes
2 auxiliary davits
Capacity for 37 crew members and 3 guests
3 helms for controlling, 1 in bridge, 1 in wheelhouse and 1 below decks above rudder
Tow line for ocean tugging
Simulated telegraph system with bell sounds for flank reverse, half reverse, all stop, half ahead and flank ahead
Detailed interior with modelled triple expansion steam engine
2 sinking methods, including exploding boiler (with destruction)
Emergency draining pumps

To start
Head into deck house
Head to rear and enter the galley/stairwell
Head down the stairwell
Move forward to the boiler room
Open the boiler doors
Hold down light boiler until the fire is lit and the pressure reads at least 4

To stop
Head to the boiler
Set the 'Fire dampers' to 0 and the boiler will extinguish
Note that power drops quite quickly with the boiler off so i recommend keeping it on and using the low pressure system to reduce the fuel consumption and power output

To sink
Option 1
Crank up the weather to max and head out to open, deep sea with big waves
Hit those waves head on - this puts stress on the cargo doors
If the water pressure is strong enough, some will leak through
Eventually, the ship will take too much water and begin going under
This will cause too much stress on the hull, cracking her in half
This in turn damages the boiler, eventually causing it to explode and destroy the funnel

Option 2
Head into the boiler room and turn the key 'open condenser'
The boiler will then leak water and overheat, eventually exploding and destroying the funnel
Given enough time, the water flooding will fill the engine room and sink the ship, breaking her in half

Have fun :)