Free mods for Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Radial gauge (ring) v2

An advanced customizable radial dial style gauge only for 1*1 monitor.You may edit:Maximum and minimum value of the gauge (in properties of controller);Number of digits after the decimal point (in properties of controller);Text to show (in properties of controller);Text offset to the left or to the

Size: 0.098 MB Author: Firyst Updated: 21 Jul, 2020 @ 4:52am
919 Systems Flight Stability Controller

Intro Let’s face it, the in-game gyros do not work very well for controlling airplanes. This is my solution, a relatively simple, easy-to-integrate microcontroller for all your stability and controllability needs! It works primarily by using a PID controller to match the value from a seat to the

Size: 0.195 MB Author: 919LM Updated: 28 Nov, 2020 @ 1:18pm

FeaturesAll monitor sizes supportedCan be used for all new radar typesFully customisable (open the microcontroller property panel to view all the settings)All Radar sweep modes supportedMap modeIntegrated alarm for radar signal detectionDisplay up to 8 targets simultaneouslyIntegrated compassSound o

Size: 0.440 MB Author: jecki1379 Updated: 8 Aug @ 7:33pm
Microwave's Advanced RWR

My RWR system which gives different outputs depending on the type of radar being used, it does as follows:If a full scan radar (360 degree rotation) is used, you will most like only get a "Ping" warning which shows a Yellow Light on the RGB output and a single output on the "Ping" Buzzer.If a sweep

Size: 0.026 MB Author: DJ MICROWAVE Updated: 1 Aug @ 1:19pm
HEVS | Ultimate Radar & Artificial Horizon HUD

The HEVS Ultimate Artificial Horizon HUD, is made to be a modular system usable on all types of aircraft. It supports Parallax so the center is always correctly positioned. It also has full radar tracking support for up to eight targets. It's built to be easily configurable to different cockpits, wh

Size: 0.141 MB Author: Anonymous Sandwich Updated: 7 Nov @ 7:49am
Customizable LUA Dial Display for 1x1 Monitors

Super simple, yet customizable 1x1 dials using LUA and monitors. Better than vanilla since they don't have the dumb reserved voxel, and: Have three visual styles Toggleable redline function Customizable gauge color (you can set the RGB value) A multiplier for in-place unit conversion (no need for ex

Size: 0.175 MB Author: eggroll.Source Updated: 15 Nov @ 7:48pm
Modular Radar Weapons Scope (microcontroller only)

A microcontroller for a radar weapons scope, with RGB control for backlight and a range of overlays.Tracks up to 8 targets in a cone in front of the aircraft. Targets appear larger and brighter the closer they are to the aircraft.Some overlays can compensate for angular velocity. Simply attach angul

Size: 0.166 MB Author: bromanche Updated: 18 Nov @ 10:09pm