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F.M.P.B Mobile base (Arctic Update)

And this is the mobile base of DRR. This mobile base is used for lying down and straightening once in position. It can be used as a dormitory at sea and can accommodate 9 people for the night. It can also be used as a relay with 30,000 litres of fuel. Or as a relay for electric vehicles by rechargin

Size: 3.522 MB Author: Rainbow_Trinite Updated: 1 Mar, 2019 @ 1:28pm
R9D Amphibious Exploration & Utility Rover

The R9D is an amphibious long range exploration and utility vehicle with tons of important equipment and features. It uses full-time 8 wheel drive and has a top speed of 150kph, and in water it will easily do 40 kph. It has it’s own crane and cargo deck on the rear roof with magnets to hold items

Size: 1.438 MB Author: Lorgs Updated: 31 Jan, 2020 @ 6:43am
1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV [Advanced]

EN This car needs no introduction - Fleetwod Bounder 1986 from the series «Breaking Bad»!Jesse Pinkman and Walter White's car in which they cooked mеth. I decided not to make the laboratory inside, because the car looked empty, so this is regular RV.INSTRUCTIONS To start engine press Ignition bu

Size: 3.402 MB Author: imcatsrsly Updated: 2 Nov, 2019 @ 6:59am
2000 Freightliner Argosy - Smart Semi Truck [Advanced]

Please Like and Subscribe i spent ~200 hours on this work!EN Hello truckers!This is Freightliner Argosy - probably the most comfortable truck in Stormworks!INSTRUCTIONS Truck is ready to use. All you need is to start engine. To start engine press Ignition button.GTA-Handling: WASD to move. At the ma

Size: 1.947 MB Author: imcatsrsly Updated: 5 Jun, 2020 @ 12:04pm
U.S.S Juggernaut Attack Submarine

StartupApparently the start up is a little confusing, the idea is to click everything other than scuttle, engage the clutch and go to 100% throttle. It's actually super easy. :)SinkingTo activate the Scuttle Experience, go to the engine control station and turn the key button on the bottom left of t

Size: 7.338 MB Author: Box Works Updated: 30 Aug, 2020 @ 6:55am
Milani - H² / House-Boat [JSI]

Milani H² / House-Boat About the boat: H² is an house-boat that has an sleek and boxy design all through its body. With the details in its exterior and interior and with the craftsmanship , you will not regret getting this yacht on your hands. Details of the boat: Size: - Length: 20 mete

Size: 9.074 MB Author: Austin Jackson Updated: 6 Mar, 2021 @ 6:26am

ENDAIR Beluga XLThe ENDAIR Beluga XL is a SuperTransport aircraft developed by EPVIN Aviation Company It has a Top speed of 240 Knots, Has a range of over 1000KM thanks to the new trent 700 engine and 280.000L of fuel spited into 2 tanks. Also features a realistic cockpit!Tested to be lag and Multip

Size: 18.257 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 8 Apr, 2021 @ 5:44am
ENDAIR Beluga Loader

This is the ENDAIR Beluga LoaderHuge help for you to load cargo onto the plane!NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY OR RE-UPLOAD THIS VEHICLE

Size: 5.443 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 4 Apr, 2021 @ 5:38am
ENDAIR A321 Cockpit Module

This is a A321 or it will be!Ready for you to load to the ENDAIR Beluga!NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY OR RE-UPLOAD THIS VEHICLE IN ANY WAY

Size: 3.061 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 2 Apr, 2021 @ 3:06am
ENDAIR Beluga XL Custom Palette

This is a set of the transport palette and slider for the ENDAIR Beluga!You can use this however you want!You are free to use it and re-upload it with your own custom cargo on it!NOTE: The cargo must not be bigger than the black and yellow blocks! You can remove the blocks if

Size: 2.261 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 4 Apr, 2021 @ 4:42am
ENDAIR A380 [Orcinus Livery]

ENDAIR A380 [Orcinus Livery] The ENDAIR A380 [Orcinus Livery] is the biggest passenger aircraft there is!In honor of the last A380 to be produced.The A380 is a Long-Haul double decker passenger aircraft developed by EPVIN Aviation Company It has a Top speed of 270Knots, has a range of over 2000KM. A

Size: 25.850 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 5 Aug, 2021 @ 3:17pm
MWS-B | ARCM-3B "Gannet" Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

The goal of the SAASM Program (Stormworks Advanced Anti-Ship Missile) was to create a feature-rich, jam-resistant, and easily mountable ASM + weapons system for ship and ground based platforms, resulting in the ARCM-3B "Gannet" Advanced Radio Cruise Missile.The ARCM-3B is a medium-range SACLOS/ACLOS

Size: 0.761 MB Author: Keptin Updated: 6 Oct, 2021 @ 8:49pm
Rabbit OS | Working Computer

The most powerful, Rabbit OS Pro is out! Click here: Next Gen Computer in Stormworks -- Different screen size support (Recommanded: 5x3, also works for 3x3 & 9x5)- Multi-monitor support for maximum 3 monitors- Built-in apps- Tou

Size: 0.569 MB Author: TEA™ ☕ Updated: 30 Jun, 2022 @ 6:42am
Ridgeboar MRV3 - Modular Offroad Hybrid Truck

The Ridgeboar Multi Role Vehicle 3 is a modular offroad truck capable of any task imaginable with its huge (and growing) selection of modules. There’s modules for everything from cargo hauling, general utilitarian work, rescue, firefighting and even defense. You can even make your own modules wit

Size: 1.200 MB Author: Lorgs Updated: 13 Jan, 2022 @ 1:15pm
CA-22 Breakable Plane | Destructable Airliner blackbox, Stormlink, and arcade

Specifications:----------------------------------- Special Features ----------------------------------------- 8x Arcade games- Autopilot with map- 25x Breakable Parts- Altitude Hold + Roll Hold- Blackbox with info about the crash- Seft destruction buttons, and settings (alt & timer)- Airdrop wit

Size: 3.013 MB Author: Ciampi141 Updated: 19 Oct, 2022 @ 7:39am
ENDAIR AN-225 Cargo

This is the Custom cargo for the ENDAIR AN-225 Mriya!

Size: 0.871 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 4 Feb, 2022 @ 3:21pm
ENDAIR AN-225 Custom Pallet

This is a set of the transport pallet for the ENDAIR AN-225 MriyaYou can use this however you want!You are free to use it and re-upload it with your own custom cargo on it!(Or just place an in-game container)NOTE: The cargo must not be bigger than the black and yellow blocks!

Size: 0.396 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 4 Feb, 2022 @ 3:22pm
AHS-01 CHORT Self Propelled Artillery

DescriptionAHS-01 Chort is an advanced Self Propelled Artillery piece, armed with autoloading 155mm gun (leftover from failed naval vessel construction project) in a unmanned turret it can spread pure chaos in its range. Equipped with our most advanced balistic calulator it can fire directly at targ

Size: 1.529 MB Author: WH1T3_No1SE Updated: 15 Feb @ 11:43am
L-02 Republique Helicopter Assault Carrier

Newquay Armed Forces Collection DESCRIPTION The L-02 Republique is a Helicopter Assault Carrier, Capable of operating numerous aircraft, both rotary wing, and STOVL Fighters. Its design came around as a result of the need to project force overseas, command Anti-Submarine Warfare Task Forces, and del

Size: 16.001 MB Author: Sid V Updated: 23 Mar @ 12:49am

UNSC ODST Drop Pod that is found in our UNSC Infinity-Class supercarrier CREDITS:-Credits to DeadDolphinMan for making the thumbnail of this creation.CREDITS ARE NECESSARY BEFORE YOU USE THIS IN ANY OF YOUR BUILDS!UpdatesAI Cortana in drop pod

Size: 0.194 MB Author: FilosPRA Updated: 2 May @ 7:18am