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T-95|T-28 Super Heavy Tank

Download the completely new version of this tank. T-95/T-28 Fitted with a real cannon (DLC)The T-95/T-28 was a massive american tank from ww2, designed to push through german defense, it had extremely thick front armour, 305mm!Equipped with a 105mm gun, the tank could also be used as artillery.IRL m

Size: 1.212 MB Author: Erik coolman Updated: 24 Dec, 2021 @ 1:29pm
T-72 [Weapons DLC] [Scale]

*Collaboration with LoggerC4, thanks for the wonderful decor, king.*One of the most produced tanks of the modern era, the T-72 is one Soviet tank that always seems to stick around.This version of the T-72 imitates the carousel autoloading system found on many soviet style tanks, and has an approxima

Size: 0.644 MB Author: Sherman Updated: 24 Dec, 2021 @ 12:32pm
TR-400 Bertha Cannon VTOL Gunship

Introducing the TR-400 Bertha Gunship TR-400 is a long range twin-engine military transport VTOL aircraft. This variant has been extensively modified to provide massive firepower from the air during extended loiter periods, at night or in adverse weather conditions.Featuring a retractable auto load

Size: 4.622 MB Author: G_Tugg Updated: 2 Jan @ 9:05am
P-105 Trident Medium Patrol Cutter

Newquay Maritime Naval Branch Collection DESCRIPTION The P-105 Triton is a medium endurance patrol cutter used to facilitate a multitude of mission sets. Including interdiction, long range fire support, airborne operations, SAR, VBSS, and ASW. Its trimaran hull makes it highly stable in rough seas a

Size: 19.412 MB Author: RootinTootinCowboy Updated: 3 Jan @ 5:02pm