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SBS FENRIS Nuclear Powered Fast Attack Submarine - Mk.I (VALKYRIE Mk.II Update)

SBS (SeaBoss Systems) FENRIS - Nuclear Powered Fast Attack Submarine (VALKYRIE Mk.II Update) LATEST UPDATE: VALKYRIE Mk.II Update(please see change notes for details)PREVIOUS UPDATE: WARCHEST UPDATES (please see change notes for details)Disclaimer: Depending upon your computer you may want to run i

Size: 11.593 MB Author: ElfBossHogg Updated: 5 May @ 11:59pm

Low Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry (LAAT/i) Gunship REMASTEREDA remaster of my 2019 LAAT gunship featuring the weapons DLC, better design, and superior aesthetic (I hope). NOTE: USE MEDIUM PHYSICS SETTINGS OR LOWER FOR BEST EXPERIENCE.Stormworks doesn't like subgrids and they impact flight. Ful

Size: 2.078 MB Author: Jyochi Updated: 4 May, 2022 @ 6:30pm
MS World Discoverer (Updated)

The MS World Discoverer is a German cruise ship, built in 1974. On the 30th of April 2000, the ship struck an uncharted reef in the Sandfly passage, and suffered severe damage to the ships hull, and was grounded at Roderick Bay of the Nggela Islands.This ship has took over 100 hours to make, and is

Size: 26.851 MB Author: kyle whibley Updated: 3 May @ 3:44pm

Cutting edge new era heavy shunting locomotiveTCP-CompatibilityLuxurious angular designModern user interface with light and dark modeRC-ModeSmart traction controlCompact engine designExceptional fuel efficiency as low as 0.15L/sGull-Wing engine bay doorsAdvanced cooling and exhaust systemsStartup:T

Size: 1.200 MB Author: Serpentine Updated: 3 May @ 12:09pm

UNSC ODST Drop Pod that is found in our UNSC Infinity-Class supercarrier CREDITS:-Credits to DeadDolphinMan for making the thumbnail of this creation.CREDITS ARE NECESSARY BEFORE YOU USE THIS IN ANY OF YOUR BUILDS!UpdatesAI Cortana in drop pod

Size: 0.194 MB Author: FilosPRA Updated: 2 May @ 7:18am