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Mr Chisel

The door code is 29 Let me introduce you my first creation - a head module of ABSOLUTION WARP ship - Mr Chisel.Mr Chisel is an artificial intelligence multipurpose all-environment shuttle. How to get in: If ground-based go from behind to the dock door, dial 29 on the right code lock. The

Size: 1.398 MB Author: Den Shamanoff Updated: 9 May @ 12:16pm

Check out the ashen armed forces collection knots top speed at 53 rps888 km/hPitch and Roll Stabiliseryaws while rolling when stabiliser active(meant for online play where lag makes flying with raw inputs difficult)6

Size: 0.825 MB Author: Karnivool Updated: 13 May, 2022 @ 9:16pm
SA-B24 Arya - Heavy CAS/medium bomber

Introducing the SA-B24 Arya The SA-B24 Arya is a twin engine heavy close air support aircraft. Thanks to its two powerful jet engines it can reach a speed of up to 560kts! The focus was given mainly to firepower and Arya sure has a lot to offer in this field.. deadly 30mm rotary autocannon in the n

Size: 2.503 MB Author: Jan Updated: 13 May @ 6:04am
NordahlLunden NLH170NG Goshawk-SAR - SAR Helicopter

The NordahlLunden NLH170NG Goshawk-SAR is a Search & Rescue helicopter manufactured by NordahlLunden SE. This helicopter was specifically designed for Search & Rescue duties, boasting high survivor capacity and excellent fuel economy, as well as the ability to hover in place even in the stro

Size: 0.716 MB Author: qwop Updated: 14 May, 2022 @ 1:49pm
NordahlLunden J-108 Shrike Heavy Interceptor

Newquay Armed Forces Collection NordahlLunden SE Collection Newquay Weapons Pack DESCRIPTION The J-108 Shrike is an All Weather Heavy Interceptor. Initial design elements of the J/A-107 proved inadequate for long range interception, so massive dual engines were installed to provide the thrust needed

Size: 1.255 MB Author: chickenjonte Updated: 12 May, 2022 @ 9:28am