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ZE Jelly

The legend returns!Inspired by the WH1T3_No1SE's Jelly, it's a reworked small and cute personal hovercraft.Unlike the original, it does not exploit any bugs and has a completely different internal structure and stabilization logic, making it move faster and more maneuverable.Control axis of pitch an

Size: 0.271 MB Author: Uran_Wind Updated: 10 Jun @ 7:23pm
Submarine Aircraft Carrier MKV

Introducing the final version of the Submarine Aircraft Carrier. Project air power far from your shores with the MKV. About the vessel MKV is a nuclear powered submarine aircraft carrier. This is the 5th and final revision of the hull type, completely modernised with advanced features and weapo

Size: 8.617 MB Author: G_Tugg Updated: 11 Jun @ 8:48am
(BROKEN, rebuild soon!!) Pere Marquette 1225 "Berkshire" Steam Locomotive

This is my replica of the legendary Pere Marquette 1225 steam locomotive.Pere Marquette 1225 is a class "N-1" 2-8-4 "Berkshire" type steam locomotive built in October 1941 for the Pere Marquette Railway (PM) by Lima Locomotive Works (LLW) in Lima, Ohio. No. 1225 is one of two surviving Pere Marquett

Size: 1.916 MB Author: (festive lad) Updated: 6 Jun, 2022 @ 11:37am
J/A-107 Spectre Strike Fighter/Attacker

Newquay Armed Forces CollectionNewquay Weapons Pack DESCRIPTION The J/A-107 Spectre is a multi-role Strike Fighter and Attack Aircraft. After losses from earlier strike aircraft from previous wars, the Spectre addressed the deficiency of the older attack aircraft. It's speed and range makes it quite

Size: 0.991 MB Author: Sid V Updated: 9 Jun @ 12:15am
L-568 Landing Craft

DESCRIPTIONThe L-568 Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel, or LCVP for short, is a landing craft designed for the transport of troops and ground vehicles in littoral environments either between an Amphibious Assault Ship to a beachhead or from one side of river to another. The LCVP was developed for us

Size: 1.375 MB Author: Oh no look who Updated: 8 Jun, 2022 @ 8:17am
J-110 Revenant Air Defense Fighter

Newquay Armed Forces CollectionNewquay Weapons Pack DESCRIPTION The J-110 Revenant is an All Weather Air Defense Fighter. During the design of the J/A-107, it was realized that its basic air frame could be heavily modified to fight enemy aircraft better. Its intended purpose originally was to destro

Size: 0.984 MB Author: Sid V Updated: 15 Jun @ 7:16pm
J/B-100 Poltergeist Light Tactical Bomber

Newquay Armed Forces CollectionNewquay Weapons Pack DESCRIPTION The J/B-100 Is Newquays first multi use tactical bomber designed to supress enemy movements. Its payload was far bigger than the faster Spectre, but had less range due to smaller engines being available. In return, the Poltergeist gaine

Size: 1.283 MB Author: Sid V Updated: 9 Jun, 2022 @ 12:19am
NordahlLunden ARH-6 Magpie Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter

Newquay Armed Forces Collection Newquay Weapons Pack NordhalLunden SEDESCRIPTION The RH-6 "Magpie" Armed Reconaissance Helicopter, built by NordahlLunden, is a small and fast scouting helicopter, capable of deploying and supporting both Special Operations Forces and Air Cavalry Troops, alongs

Size: 0.472 MB Author: MrEarth Updated: 5 Jun @ 10:07am

Research ROV Jason Jason Jason ROV developed by Woods Hole Oceanographic institute, this ROV works along with the DSV Alvin Following mode (can follow and copy the same depth of the submarine is working with) Theder communication Automatic winch deployment Depth holder Ground dis

Size: 0.403 MB Author: ◁♠ Figaro 45 ♤▶ Updated: 3 Jun, 2022 @ 3:09pm
SA-H90 Aide - Super medium SAR helicopter

Scarborough Rescue Service Vehicle CollectionThe SA-H90 Aide is a super medium, all weather SAR helicopter. Thanks to an all glass digital cockpit it's a breeze to fly. A pair of Skytech JT7 engines can push it to a top speed of 186kts and make it a high performance, reliable helicopter. It represen

Size: 1.462 MB Author: Jan Updated: 6 Jun @ 1:23pm
C-2 Exploration Submarine

C-2 Exploration SubmarineThe C-2 cave exploration submarine is a research machine. Fully equipped with all the essentials for your buddy that's really into sciency stuff. Auto depth holding keeps you in place while you look around. No need to keep adjusting things, just take in the scenes of caves a

Size: 1.024 MB Author: S7ARLAZER Updated: 6 Jun @ 1:29pm
K1 Depth Strider Exploration Mech

DescriptionK1 Depth Strider is an environmental protecton unit, capable of operating in most dangerous conditions, from bottom of the ocean to taking a bath in toxic blood of kraken that bastard killed my entire family i will get him killed no matter what whoever is reading this know that I will get

Size: 0.383 MB Author: WH1T3_No1SE Updated: 4 Jun, 2022 @ 10:42am
U-14 "Mercury" - Coastal Special Operations Submarine

Manual BelowCredits and Stuff- Saky for radar Lima for hydrophone Lima again for logic stuff- Judgemental bird for more logic stuff- Littlerol for offering to fix my

Size: 1.132 MB Author: notmopman Updated: 16 Jun @ 9:09pm