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"Zuijin-M" Type 4 Advanced Man-Portable Air-Defense System

*Please report any issues with a detailed description and I will try to fix them*PATCH: *Should* have fixed slight multiplayer synchronization issue with a LUA script. Please tell me if an issue like this occurs, where the LUA script crashes immediately in MP but is fine in SP.Wikipedia entryThe Typ

Size: 0.112 MB Author: eggroll.Source Updated: 9 Oct @ 11:34am
Sawyer Cargo Valkyrie

The Sawyer Cargo Valkyrie is a light cargo turbo-prop. The aircraft is fit with two large cargo doors on either side for cargo loading and unloading. The plane has room for a pilot and a copilot and has a lavatory as well. It's equipped with an auto pilot, an altitude hold and a gyroscope for stabil

Size: 1.236 MB Author: Lukewarm Hot Tub Updated: 9 Oct @ 3:27pm
サフィール踊り子(JR東日本 261系) クロE261-1

Saphir Odoriko (JR East E261 Series).<Outline>This is a real train that runs between Tokyo/Shinjuku stations and Izukyu Shimoda in 2 hours and 30 minutes.In reality, the train consists of 8 cars, but I organized 4 cars of them.Saphir1 Car Kuro E261-1 (Upgrade Car)Saphir2 Car Sasi E261-1 (Cafet

Size: 2.575 MB Author: YaguraGakoi Updated: 12 Oct @ 5:29am
Saphir Odoriko(2) Sasi E261-1

Size: 2.050 MB Author: YaguraGakoi Updated: 12 Oct @ 5:32am
Saphir Odoriko(3) Moro E261-101

Size: 2.349 MB Author: YaguraGakoi Updated: 12 Oct @ 5:32am
Saphir Odoriko(4) Kuro E260-1

Size: 2.243 MB Author: YaguraGakoi Updated: 12 Oct @ 5:33am
DM blunt 109

This vehicle does not have a description yet.

Size: 0.877 MB Author: matthiesendaniel42 Updated: 9 Oct @ 5:22am
DM C14 tank

people want a description,so here u go.

Size: 0.472 MB Author: matthiesendaniel42 Updated: 9 Oct @ 8:49am
OMNI FRB11 Fast Response Boat 11m

Omni International Industries Fast Response Boat 11m - FRB11"Where others fail, OMNI excels."The FRB11 is designed as a all weather high speed Search and Rescue Vessel.Features:- Omni-Thrust automatic propulsion system.-60+knots-150km+ range-GPS map - OmniMap+ with Nav, beacon finder, radio directio

Size: 0.694 MB Author: OMNI Updated: 11 Oct @ 5:47am
SSN-1 Compatible UAV Recon Drone by MrCreebert

Size: 1.207 MB Author: MrCreebert Updated: 13 Oct @ 7:32am
Photo Shop - Take workshop photos to the next level!

Disclaimer!This product is best used at night with no external lights on.Be mindful of how fog may affect results.Please turn off infinite electricity before spawningFeatures!Main spot lights + DimmingRGB spot lights with dimming!RaInBoW MoDe!!!!!!!Warm lights + Dimming Cold lights + DimmingSmooth c

Size: 5.480 MB Author: surativefire Updated: 12 Oct @ 6:50pm
S.N. Condottieri Class Frigate

THIS VEHICLE REQUIRES A MODIFIED WORKBENCH DescriptionThe Condottieri Class is a class of multi-purpose frigates created before the first Euranian War, and the development still hasn't stopped, at the time being the Condottieri is the most mass produced frigate in Segierian Navy. The ship is capabl

Size: 5.682 MB Author: Brave_slay Updated: 11 Oct @ 12:01pm
Sawyer Cargo Container Loader

The Sawyer Cargo Container Loader is a cargo loader designed spicificly for the Sawyer Cargo Valkyrie. It is all electric with warning lights and headlights. It also has a strong loading arm. The containers have two doors, brakes, and a release button. You are able to fit six containers into the Val

Size: 0.405 MB Author: Lukewarm Hot Tub Updated: 11 Oct @ 5:31pm
Rail Runner Service Trailer

Service Trailer for the Rail Runner Hi-Rail truck

Size: 0.580 MB Author: BENZIN Updated: 12 Oct @ 6:01am
Rail Runner Fuel Trailer

Fuel Trailer for the Rail Runner Hi-Rail truck

Size: 0.475 MB Author: BENZIN Updated: 12 Oct @ 6:02am
Rail Runner Hi-Rail Railroad Service Truck

DOES NOT WORK WITH INFINITE ELECTRICITYA reminder that this Truck is meant to go on the railways so it has high gearing, rev a little bit before engaging the first gear if you are stalling.High Phyics Detail is recommended, also there are screenshots from NSO mod I took for the aesthetics but Rail R

Size: 0.657 MB Author: BENZIN Updated: 12 Oct @ 6:02am
WW2 Luftwaffe Rettungsboje (Rescue Buoy)

This special type of buoy was first seen in the second world war being used by the Germans so save pilots who were shot down over the English channel and North Sea.These things could hold up to 4 people for a couple of days.The Rettungsboje were fitted out with dry clothes, food, sparkling water and

Size: 0.338 MB Author: Elon_Muts Updated: 12 Oct @ 4:37pm