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Embraer KC390 Millennium [OUTDATED]

This plane is no longer maintenance supported. Thank you for your use.Embraer KC390This is a replica version of the Embraer KC390.The Embraer C-390 Millennium is a medium-size, twin-engine, jet-powered military transport aircraft produced by the Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer. With a load

Size: 2.521 MB Author: dreadway2 Updated: 15 Oct @ 11:45pm
CA-22 Breakable Plane | Destructable Airliner blackbox, Stormlink, and arcade

Specifications:----------------------------------- Special Features ----------------------------------------- 8x Arcade games- Autopilot with map- 25x Breakable Parts- Altitude Hold + Roll Hold- Blackbox with info about the crash- Seft destruction buttons, and settings (alt & timer)- Airdrop wit

Size: 3.013 MB Author: Ciampi141 Updated: 19 Oct, 2022 @ 7:39am
NordahlLunden NLA340 Condor - Tactical transport aircraft

The NLA340 is a 4 engine turboprop tactical transport aircraft designed to deliver troops, cargo and light vehicles rapidly to all over the isles of Sawyer and the arctic. Its four NLP-232 turboprop engines allow for excellent range and speed. Thanks to its large cargo bay, the NLA340 is capable of

Size: 3.924 MB Author: Keh Updated: 20 Oct @ 10:02am
Metal Gear Rex

Metal Gear Rex! This is the creation I set out to make when I first starting playing this game. With just over 2000 hours later... I finally made the vision a reality! This is as close as i could get it to the real thing in Stormworks. It has functioning gatling guns, a bertha cannon with a range ca

Size: 3.052 MB Author: Mobius 1 Updated: 23 Oct @ 6:51am
Custode Class Tanker

The Custode Class was made originally as normal tankers, but were refitted for wartime with an AAA gun and multiple MGs. Another big feature is its 8 depth charges which are used as submarine and torpedo defense as these ships are vulnerable to attack. The carry 700 Liters of Diesel but can carry wa

Size: 3.437 MB Author: Schnitzelman Updated: 19 Oct @ 8:31pm
Copper Class Steam Locomotive

(Fictional)As one of the early locomotives on Britain's rapidly expanding railways, the Copper Locomotive was simply another gear in the machine. Traveling between Liverpool and Manchester, it hauled passengers and cargo at a steady 35 - 40 MPH and was well liked by many. SPECIFICATIONS Top Speed:

Size: 0.436 MB Author: mcsteve89 Updated: 15 Oct @ 8:28am
Kaiser Steel U30C 1030

General Electric U30C Enjoy Trains in Stormworks? Join Our Server: As Seen in the update banner, again Lore The U30C was one of many locomotives to come out of General Electric's Universal Series of locomotives. These universal series locomotives, commonly referred to as "Uboats",

Size: 2.335 MB Author: 30 Dollar Night Vision Updated: 18 Oct @ 6:57pm
SSN-1 Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine by MrCreebert

Using "High Physics" is not necessary but recommended!Do not use infinite electric with this vehicleThe SSN-1 Is a nuclear powered submarine, carrying 16 GPS guided ballistic missiles and 2 Torpedos and a top speed of 60 knots! *images may be outdated in the futureHow to get inside:Locate the hatch

Size: 5.198 MB Author: MrCreebert Updated: 15 Oct @ 5:47am
Bagger 293

EN:How to spawn:- Open the Mission Editor- "Add unique Location" in Mission Locations- Choose the Location- "Edit Objects"- "Add Vehicle"- Choose the Vehicle- Place it in the desired location- "Addon overview"- "Test Location"- Enjoy!About:Bagger 293, previously known as the MAN TAKRAF RB293, is a g

Size: 32.148 MB Author: JoJoneer Updated: 16 Oct @ 8:59am
Orgoglio Del Mare Class Aircraft Carrier

OverviewThe Orgoglio Del Mare, or "The Pride of the Sea", was a large aircraft carrier made to shut down the Erilean Navy once an for all. She was the first in her class, but others followed such as the "Conquistatore" and the "Fortezza di ferro", along with 3 others in the class. She was the pride

Size: 110.654 MB Author: Schnitzelman Updated: 16 Oct @ 11:09am
Arleigh burke Destroyer beta 02

USS SAMPSON USS Sampson (DDG-102) is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the United States Navy. Funding for the Flight IIA (5"/62, one 20mm CIWS variant) ship was authorized in 2002 and her keel was laid on 20 March 2005. She is the fourth US Navy ship named to honor Rear Admiral William T. Sampso

Size: 32.926 MB Author: suspicious_cat Updated: 21 Oct @ 8:31am
Ace Combat Stonehenge

Ace Combat Stonehenge Description: Places 8 of the Stonehenge Railguns on the "outer ring" of the new launch facitily that came with the Arid DLC.Stonehenge, also known as the Spaceguard Turret Network (STN), is a railgun complex constructed in western Usea. It is located in the Hatties Desert and i

Size: 15.387 MB Author: Outcast Updated: 22 Oct @ 5:01am
1980s Volvo 240 Turbo

Volvo 240 TurboAn Old Reliable Swedish SedanSpecificationsLengh: 4.75 MetersWidth: 1.75 MetersHeight: 1.5 MetersTop Speed: 140 Km/hFuel Amount: 62.5 LitersEngine: 2.3L 4CylSeats: 4Hope You Enjoy :D

Size: 0.348 MB Author: ILikeTurtles Updated: 16 Oct @ 10:22am
Kriger Class 750 4-6-2 Steam Electric Locomotive

UPDATE(S):Raised coupler height to fit with cars from the workshopAdded Low Coal indicatorIntroductionOne of the last Steam locomotive to be retired is now back in action! The Kriger Class 750 has had one of the longest career dating back to the 1960's all the way to the 1990's when it was retired.

Size: 0.611 MB Author: Pierre-Luc Updated: 23 Oct @ 7:15am
Kriger Class 750 Locomotive Tender

this is the tender for the locomotive.You can find the full description on the locomotive workshop page: coupler height to fit with cars from the workshop

Size: 0.570 MB Author: Pierre-Luc Updated: 19 Oct @ 9:46pm
Mystic DSV Deep Sea Rescue Submarine

This is a recreation of the US Navy rescue submarine Mystic DSV. It entered service in 1977, when the need for a deep sea rescue submarine became clear after the loss of the USS Thresher. It can be deployed anywhere in the world within 24 hours via cargo plane. It can also be deployed from the back

Size: 0.329 MB Author: KSGX160 Updated: 23 Oct @ 4:46am

This environmental mod adds oil fields around arid island. Crude oil can be pump from drilling sites and sell with profit.Currently included in this addon (more drilling sites are coming if oil boom intensifies): -Enzo plains oil field- An old and abandoned oil well. There may still be some oil left

Size: 2.681 MB Author: Mr. Wide Vane Updated: 22 Oct @ 10:42am
E8 Dash-220

DescriptionThis Is The Dash-220!! This is the start of a new line of planes. this is my own designed plane, and if you have any ideas for a better or different liveries let me know!! and if you want to tell me some ideas for my next build please do!My Discord: YouTube

Size: 1.535 MB Author: E8Gaming Updated: 18 Oct @ 5:46pm
DF-480M - Multipurpose Medium Helicopter

Make sure infinite electricity is off! Read the description on how to use weapons and systems!Weapon Pack Introduction: The DF-480M is a multipurpose medium helicopter built by Djert Flugzeugbau AG. It was developed to operate in a naval environment and is capable of performing transport and rescue

Size: 0.877 MB Author: Djert Updated: 20 Oct @ 10:44am
Long Range Exploration Vehicle "Freebooter"

The FreebooterOld Skiff Found Buried In The Sand, It Was Given A Mast And A SailFrom a Wrecked Sail Boat And Some Wheels.And Now It's Ready To Head Off Into Infinity.It's Real Hard To Control, But I Will Assure YouThe Only Thing Stopping You From Going Is The Wind And Your Piloting.Features-A Sail (

Size: 0.436 MB Author: ILikeTurtles Updated: 18 Oct @ 6:47am