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MBT-Guardian TESHIII ( Weapon DLC Tank)

神秘代码:+QQ 977614762 看暴躁老哥性感吹水你好。如你所见.基于 K.Pabla 创造的高生存性坦克该载具被设计为拥有较高成员生还率的主战坦克同时拥有较强的态�

Size: 1.608 MB Author: Foggy47 Updated: 26 Oct @ 11:42pm
K-411 "Orenburg" Yankee Stretch + X-RAY Special Mission Submarine

K-411 started out its life as a regular Yankee-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN) in the Soviet navy, but was later converted to a carrier submarine for the smaller Special Mission Submarines like the X-Ray or the Losharik. For that purpose the characteristic missile battery behind the the sai

Size: 8.766 MB Author: KSGX160 Updated: 29 Oct @ 4:21am
Highwind FF7

The Highwind was designed and built by Cid Highwind, Shinra Electric Power Company's chief aeronautical engineer. A poster of the newly constructed Highwind is on display in the Showcase Room of Shinra Building in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. The airship was confiscated from Cid after the failed

Size: 5.258 MB Author: manuilov.eugene Updated: 26 Oct @ 9:08am
SAWYER EAST LINE station pack v1.1

This addon adds five large stations on the East of Sawyer Isle, This is at: North Harbor, Holt Town, Fishing Village, O Neil airport and Dean Hall mining Compagnie.This addon is compatitable with Enhanced Recource Trading and CreepWorld Island Upgrades.The stations have no lights and are very perfo

Size: 42.066 MB Author: totaltechno Updated: 28 Oct @ 1:30pm
Halloween 2022 Zombie Event

The official Halloween 2022 Zombie event, edited to work at any time.To activate, when starting a new game, press Enabled Addons, go to the Workshop tab, and activate the Event_Zombies addon.Requires both the Search and Destroy DLC and the Industrial Frontier DLC.

Size: 1.165 MB Author: coleonych Updated: 25 Oct @ 2:24pm
ER-001 Kaihura: Decommissioned Radar Seaplane

(Warning: Turn Infinite Electricity And Fuel Off) A decommissioned radar patrol seaplane privately brought and turned into a luxury go anywhere camper (beds not included, get tents out of cases in cargo room). Refitted with landing gear, new engines and a new luxurious interior with modern living fa

Size: 1.038 MB Author: Mjic Updated: 27 Oct @ 9:23pm
Porsche 911 (930) Turbo (1:1)

Replica of the real Porsche 911 (930) 1994 version in 1:1 dimensions! More Info: Specs Max Speed 192kph Engine 4 Cyl Air Intake Supercharged Scoop Transmission 4 Speed Drivet

Size: 0.250 MB Author: glutén Updated: 28 Oct @ 10:46am