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P-180 Coyote Fast Attack Missile Corvette

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION TO SEE HOW TO USE, A CUSTOM SPAWN AREA IS REQUIRED OR SPAWN IN VIA A MISSION. DESCRIPTION The P-180 "Coyote" Fast Attack Missile Corvette/High-Intensity Patrol Corvette was designed with a key focus on anti-ship firepower, speed, agility & as a vital addition to Newq

Size: 11.663 MB Author: Sebastiaz | BluFFeR Updated: 8 Nov @ 1:47pm
RV "Hestia" Exploration Ship

RV "Hestia" Exploration Ship (Sinkable)This is an Exploration/Research Vessel meant for Exploring the artic and or anywhere you please to go.Starting is quite Simple, and all controls for the engine are in the Bridge.Has many features, including a Small detachable boat, a helipad with multiple winch

Size: 5.604 MB Author: Mehp Updated: 10 Nov, 2022 @ 4:21pm
HEVS | Ultimate Radar & Artificial Horizon HUD

The HEVS Ultimate Artificial Horizon HUD, is made to be a modular system usable on all types of aircraft. It supports Parallax so the center is always correctly positioned. It also has full radar tracking support for up to eight targets. It's built to be easily configurable to different cockpits, wh

Size: 0.141 MB Author: Anonymous Sandwich Updated: 7 Nov @ 7:49am
Starter Boat

Presenting Tiki the fully loaded SAR Starter Boat for $20kPress W to startHold 2 to reverse with the main engine on 0% throttle.Features:50+ Knot Top Speed33 Knot Cruise SpeedSelf RightingAutopilotAuto BilgeAuto stop if you fall overboard Water CannonWater HoseTransponder MapFirefighting GearDiving

Size: 0.381 MB Author: Shurq1 Updated: 22 Oct @ 4:27pm
RMS Titanic

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO LINKED BELOW!!!! it will tell you everything you need to know about the creation! Even though the video is for the Olympic, Titanic works no differently, so the video is still valid Update 29/10/22: New xml pipes added, updated lifeboats/davits, rivets and hull plating adde

Size: 145.980 MB Author: Icemonster360 Updated: 5 Nov @ 6:38pm
GTC A-MOG Amphibious Zombie Stronghold

BACKGROUNDGTC (General Transportation Company) is a manufacturer of consumer and professional grade vehicles, primarily trucks and tractor-trailers. Following the rapid success of the G-MOG (Ground Motored Operating Gadget), GTC started producing an amphibious variant, the A-MOG (Amphibious Motored

Size: 0.605 MB Author: 454SS Updated: 28 Oct @ 5:34pm
Mercedes-Benz | 280SL 1974 | 1:1 Scale | Convertible

Mercedes-Benz 280SL:The Mercedes-Benz 280SL respectively the Baureihe 107 was a two seat Roadster (two emergency backseats as customer option). Features: 1:1 Scale Realistic topspeed of ~205 Km/h Realistic 5-Speed transmissionCredits:Steering Controller:

Size: 0.346 MB Author: Kasi Updated: 2 Nov @ 8:49am
M1905 6in. 'Disappearing Gun' Coastal Battery Emplacements [Enviroment Mod]

Coastal defense batteries have long dotted the coastlines of the world defending both homeland and territories abroad. These emplacements were often heavily fortified and capable of withstanding sieges for weeks or even months. As technology improved, so did the construction of these mighty guns. On

Size: 78.871 MB Author: GERUNIMO Updated: 31 Oct @ 5:38pm

Personal edit of Event_Zombies. Save if you want.Requirements:Stormworks: Search and Destroy (Weapons DLC)Stormworks: Industry (Arid DLC)For Vehicles Enabled:Default Sawyer Mission ZonesDefault Arctic Mission ZonesDefault Mission Zones AridChangelog:Upload Date:Removed Event Time Limiter.Expande

Size: 2.439 MB Author: Hecatia Lapislazuli Updated: 3 Nov @ 1:51am
Weapon Sounds Overhaul

Yes, that's what you're thinking! Complete replacement of all weapon sounds (Except firearms, this is still in the plans). Please subscribe, otherwise it will prevent the promotion of the "mod"Link to google disk: get it ( there can be any archiver (even a Windows built-in))important!it is worth me

Size: 0.073 MB Author: ❄SAharOK❄ Updated: 30 Oct @ 4:50am
leviathan's breath

Big-Game HunterFires a massive salvo that vaporizes unshielded combatants. Strong against biggest of enemy's Champions. Leviathan's SighWhen a target is designated, the next salvo will fire everything and create a concussive blast that knocks combatants backCHAIN DRIVE BELTheavy duty engine, high a

Size: 6.031 MB Author: 8PenniesDeep Updated: 8 Nov @ 4:54am
S.S. David J. Ward - Self Unloading ore freighter

The third ship in the Midland-Southern fleet!The David J. Ward is named after the Director of German language at Norwich University in Northfield, VTThe S.S. David J. Ward is a self unloading, Triple A bulk ore carrier. She currently carries various ores between the Sawyer islands and the Industrial

Size: 4.280 MB Author: ZX Kaiser Updated: 29 Oct @ 11:46am
Elevator for Starter Island Dock

Elevator for the non-DLC Starter Dock, to help the user spawn non-waterborne vehicles. When retracted to the lowest point it will be just outside of the workbench area, allowing you to spawn a vehicle on top of it, which it will lift out the water.Maximum weight it can lift is about 6000 in-game uni

Size: 0.466 MB Author: jerryfanfan Updated: 1 Nov @ 7:13am
Low poly rolling stock

LOW POLY ROLLING STOCK The pack contains four types of train cars (flatbed , hopper , tanker ,chemicar carrier) all of the cars were made with optimization as the main purpose. with this cars you can make (60 , 70 , 80) car length trains with full fps in the game . This is archieved with the cars

Size: 0.337 MB Author: Elwachopo Updated: 29 Oct @ 8:28am
SS Yorkshire (Sinkable)

(Fictional)Speeding across the Atlantic at a record 20 knots, the SS Yorkshire was a twin screw express liner as well as the fastest ship in the world. She sped along for a while but only a couple of years into service she fell victim to an act of sabotage. On one voyage, she was carrying a large am

Size: 98.831 MB Author: mcsteve89 Updated: 29 Oct @ 10:26am
Kaneda's Bike

It is a high-performing red-colored racing motorcycle of unspecified make and model. i love this bike and you should tooimportant stuffMUST USE INFINITE ELECTRICdon't turn hard once over 45 kph it will spin have fun, i had fun making this. leave comments if you want

Size: 0.173 MB Author: Docengineering07 Updated: 29 Oct @ 5:43pm
Steampunk Medium Tank 'Mackerel'

Steampunk Medium Tank 'Mackerel' Steampunk Medium Tank 'Mackerel' Features - 1 Driver's Seat (Single person controllable tank)- Openable Lookout Hatch- Neat nixie font style status panel- 3*3 Monitor Scope- Automatic sensitivity adjustment turret.- Steam Engine With the enhanced boiler controlle

Size: 0.635 MB Author: Gustav_800mm Updated: 30 Oct @ 12:58am
GM6C Electric Freight Locomotive

EMD GM6CBackgroundThe GM6C was a testbed electric locomotive built by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division of the United States in collaboration with ASEA of Sweden. It was designed for lower-speed drag freight service. Only 1 was produced, along with the similar GM10B. Built in 1975, the GM6C jo

Size: 1.185 MB Author: Enzocats Updated: 5 Nov @ 4:42pm

The Flying FishDoesn't use enclosed jet engines, infinite generators, or other nonsense.NOTE: This vehicle will not work properly if you have any trim enabled and your physics settings must be set to high or it will bounce a lot on the ground. To reset/disable any trim settings, hold ALT and both ke

Size: 1.062 MB Author: Exo Updated: 4 Nov @ 5:45pm
SF HDC475 Attachment

SF HDC475 Attachment High Dump/Capacity Attachment for the SF 778M Wheel Loader Capacity: 475Note: ASTR MCS Compatible.

Size: 0.067 MB Author: Christian Updated: 31 Oct @ 12:18pm