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Bell-Boeing MV-22B "Osprey" circa 2006

FLIGHT MANUAL!The flight manual can be found here: most users, this manual is required. Many of the systems are not self-explanatory.THIS AIRCRAFT IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.The MV-22B, as you see it, is a culmination of upwards of 80

Size: 1.836 MB Author: Ghost Updated: 12 Nov @ 11:11pm
Sunseeker 131 Yacht (Update)

-Update engine and autopilotSunseeker 131 Yacht is the pride of the shipyard, embodying all the skill and design talent of the creators. The profile of the yacht shows the characteristic handwriting of the famous British shipyard - noble straight lines and a forward-looking bow. The impressive size

Size: 7.450 MB Author: Zephyr Updated: 17 Nov @ 7:12am
GIM-3 Helix Medium-Range SAM System

DESCRIPTION The GIM-3 "Helix" MEDRAD/Medium-Range Air Defence system is a modular SAM system based off of further developed technology owing to the GIM-5 "Spiral" program. The key qualities of the GIM-3 "Helix" include being mobile, effective and act as not only a deterrence - but a legitimate meth

Size: 0.954 MB Author: Sebastiaz | BluFFeR Updated: 25 Nov @ 5:20am
AS-31T Flying Boat | Waterbomber | Firefighting

WINCH UPDATE! Changelog see discussions.* This aircraft is still in development * Known bugs will be listed below * Hints, wishes and suggestions are welcome! :) *The AS-31T is a refit of a classic flying boat to fit the needs of modern SAR operations. Radial engines have been replaced by turbo prop

Size: 1.605 MB Author: Alenis Mourid Updated: 15 Nov @ 3:47pm
Ore harvester "Tick"

The Tick is a sci-fi-ish ore harvester.The cargo hold can hold 1890 minerals, and the drillhead can hold 180 minerals.It's an easy to use for one man harvesting operations.How to use:- Drive to the desired ore type. - Lower/raise the mining arm to the ore height. -Activate drills by pressing "3". -

Size: 0.779 MB Author: Metal_Burner Updated: 12 Nov @ 5:29am
Gainesville midland 209 locomotive

Description by Railroad,Preserver,2000:History of the railroad:The Gainesville Midland Railroad was a 41-mile shortline railroad that ran from Athens Georgia to Gainesville Georgia and interchanged freight with the larger class-one railroads in each city while also making stops in the small towns be

Size: 1.254 MB Author: N J Eagle Updated: 24 Nov @ 1:53pm
Gainesville midland 208 locomotive

Description by Railroad,Preserver,2000:History of the railroad:The Gainesville Midland Railroad was a 41-mile shortline railroad that ran from Athens Georgia to Gainesville Georgia and interchanged freight with the larger class-one railroads in each city while also making stops in the small towns be

Size: 1.263 MB Author: N J Eagle Updated: 24 Nov @ 1:45pm
SCP Site 008 (Project BioHazard) [HUGE UPDATE!!]

/////////////////////////// WELOCOME THE 008 SITE! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Congrats on finding one of our SCP Sites, now you can discover what really happened to the world.Sawyer news: Server: Turning it to night, and enabli

Size: 38.718 MB Author: SonicNate Updated: 16 Nov @ 9:38am
Iron Fortress

Бронепоезд "Стальная Крепость" (яп. 甲鉄城 Koutetsujou) из аниме Кабанери стальной крепости (Koutetsujou no Kabaneri).Как и где спавнить:Спаун поезда можно осуществить двумя способам�

Size: 5.763 MB Author: Simon Konsan Updated: 13 Nov @ 5:27pm
Career Zombie Hordes

This is an extensive edit of the Event Zombies add-on.This limits the zombie spawn to just a few carefully selected locations, so that they don't look out of place and won't interfere too much in your career progress. Most locations are only active at nighttime.Zombies will spawn in hordes, and once

Size: 0.407 MB Author: Zizo Updated: 15 Nov @ 9:25am
Career Starter Self-landing Supersonic Capsule

There is no teleport in career mode, so going places can take hours. This craft lets you reach anywhere on the map in 5 minutes or less.Also featuring a 8500L jet fuel capacity and 5 meter landing accuracy to be immediately useful as a fuel trader. It is compatible with the Starter Island Dock and c

Size: 0.597 MB Author: jerryfanfan Updated: 15 Nov @ 9:17am
ZTL-11 China PLA Chinese Wheeled Assault Gun 1 player ver

What's this? This is a vehicle referencing Chinese ZTL-11 Wheeled Assault Gun. ZTL-11 is a variant of Type 08 wheeled armored vehicle family. wiki page here How is this working? Specifications or Features : 1:1 realism scale. War thunder Style movement controlling. 1 player controlling

Size: 0.643 MB Author: Pyo Updated: 14 Nov @ 10:44pm
MIORI MINOR (small retro coupe)

ENG Small retro coupe Based on my own ideas how a 60-s cars looked like and combined with some of japanese Kei cars ideas4x4 WD grants you full control on the road, lightweight suspension ensures better traction.Trunk with some useful tools in the back opens with a flip switch.4 seats for you and

Size: 0.292 MB Author: tigr.rer Updated: 12 Nov @ 11:28pm
M1070 Zombie defense

M1007 Zombie defense The Oskosh M1070 is a military truck used by the USA army in heavy transports with dificult terrain. this version is equiped with a habitability module and two medium and small machineguns at the front and back and is used as a zombie defense vehicle

Size: 0.716 MB Author: Elwachopo Updated: 15 Nov @ 11:22am
ENDAIR A318-100 Executive [Extreme Realism]

ENDAIR A318-100 Executive [Extreme Realism] [Stormlink Compatible] The ENDAIR A318-100 Executive is a medium haul Executive aircraft developed by EPVIN Aviation CompanyFeatures Autoland , Storm-link, Failure simulation and a [Extreme Realism] cockpit and procedures! For those looking for more reali

Size: 2.486 MB Author: EnderPilot Updated: 12 Nov @ 8:01am
Spearhead: Heavy Fighter

Requires Modded Workbench or Mission SpawningArmament 2 HAC turrets, loaded with alternating incendiary and high-explosive rounds 20 Medium warhead remote guided missiles Systems Nuclear power Autopilot Automatic landing Chaff Flares Self-repair system Fire suppression system Redundant sensors Autom

Size: 6.491 MB Author: IncendiaryMoose Updated: 19 Nov @ 7:03pm
Iron Fortress Vagons (Boiler car)

RU:Бойлерный вагонХвостовой вагон с функцией вспомогательного локомотива.Может работать как самостоятельный локомотив так и в режиме помощи основному.Имеет собст

Size: 3.590 MB Author: Simon Konsan Updated: 13 Nov @ 5:40pm
Iron Fortress (Battle car)

RU:Боевой вагонСтандартный вагон с боевым интерьером. Предназначен для сражения как внутритак и снаружи крепости. По стенам расположены 12 переносных щитов для созд

Size: 3.661 MB Author: Simon Konsan Updated: 13 Nov @ 5:42pm
Iron Fortress (Residential car)

RU:Жилой вагонСтандартный вагон с жилым интерьером. Предназначен для проживания пассажиров поезда.По стенам распределены раскладные койки для отдыха.EN:Residential carStanda

Size: 3.811 MB Author: Simon Konsan Updated: 13 Nov @ 5:54pm
RMS Britannic

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO LINKED BELOW!!!! it will tell you everything you need to know about the creation! Even though the video is for the Olympic, Britannic works no differently, so the video is still valid Update 14/11/22: New xml pipes added, updated lifeboats/davits

Size: 152.483 MB Author: Icemonster360 Updated: 23 Nov @ 2:18pm